Monday, January 07, 2019


The world is full of scams to trick the unaware so when I got a TEXT in December that said I had a credit of $655.19 & should log into a site to BLAH BLAH BLAH, I ignored it!! I was really annoyed that I was now getting scam TEXTs as well as the usual calls! I don't know about you, but I've been getting a daily call from a 1-855 number for weeks now  .    .    If I answer & yell WHAT???, it hangs up. If I don't answer, it goes to message & leaves me blank air. I regularly get messages reminding me of someone's medical appointments. I can't call back to tell them they have the wrong number & I can't reject it because no number shows up. And then there's the automated calls in a foreign language that I can't stop or change. And how about the scam that says it's the RCMP collecting money that's owed to the CRA tax??? Yeah, it used to be that cell phones were private!!

But, today I got another message about my CREDIT. Being in a mood, I decided to trace it down & toss a wrench in someone else's day. I thought I'd better check & see what my balance really was at the legitimate website. And found, to my surprise, a $655.19 credit!!! It wasn't a scam at all. But how could I possibly DO that???? It seems my bill is just a hair under $60 a month & I went paperless about three years ago. The bill never changed. Since I only print off the page with the explanation of charges, I never actually LOOKED at the bottom line - I didn't need to, I paid in full every month!! Somehow, one month, I hit the 9 instead of the 6 & overpaid by $30. And then copied what was on my print-out every month following for almost the last three years or so  .   .   .   .   I was advised not to bother paying my bill until Christmas.

On the Needles - I can't stand a begging man's tears!! Old Fat Ankles needs a couple of pairs of socks for his swollen feet so I've hauled out my ugliest Paton's 4 ply in greens/browns/yellowy tan & am rapidly manufacturing socks in an expanded size. Instead of my usual 72 sts for a man's sock, I went up to 76 & will add an extra couple of gusset increases as well. This should make a looser top & deeper heel for him.
Lara's Vest sits on my desk & I add a couple of rows here & there when I watch something on YouTube. My sweater is on HOLD until the socks are done.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Bring It On

Now that the Silly Season is over & the days are getting longer - at least I think they are but it's still dark at 7:45 AM - it's time to start thinking about the Year that's just started & leave last year behind. It's hard to believe that it's 2019 when the year 2000 seemed so far away when I was a school kid!! But it's here & we have to deal with it.
I don't do RESOLUTIONS. I find that most people who do set themselves up for failure, right off the bat. I think I'll leave my money in my pocket & do something positive that's easy & good for me. Like taking my own TAKE-OUT cup when I go for coffee. I have a RED Starbucks cup that I try to use every time but it's a little small if you want extra large. And I take my own bags to Safeway. Yup, doing my bit!! Still using paper towels but they get composted.

I had a dream the other night that the landlord found me dead in my bed & threw out all my bins of yarn, roving & fleece!!! She had no idea of it's worth. She sent all my knitting books to the local Thrift Store & tossed my Old Indian spinner on the bonfire! Eeeek.  Now, I have a huge stash of spinning & knitting fibre - yeah, &  a lot of patterns to go with most of it too. I end up knitting socks instead of all the bigger projects because they're fun, bright & fast. I'm such a procrastinator. I like starting but sadly, not finishing. I'm taking that dream as a warning - this year, I have vowed to make no new purchases unless it's to finish an old project. And I will get off my arse & finish a new sweater for myself!

I think I'll cook more for myself this year too. I do love soups & stir fried meals. Both are fast, simple & full of good stuff. Much as I like dashing down to Church's Chicken for Chicken Tenders so I don't have to do dishes, it's just healthier to eat at home. It was easier to do when I had another person to cook for but I'm just as important. Sounds like a resolution, doesn't it???

On the Needles - Lara's vest progresses slowly. Since I'm hauling the Ex to two eye appointments later this month, I will take it & work on it while I'm waiting.
MY Sweater - Yup - dug in the basket, chose the one that's the closest to being finished & pulled it out to work on it. I already bought the B&L yarn in RED to make another so I think I have to get serious about this.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


I think I'd rather celebrate the Solstice than Christmas, which has been hijacked by Commercialism. And I'd rather decorate simply with Holly & Evergreen, dance around a bonfire or go Nude Swimming than spend my time hunting for the Right Tree, the most Ostentatious Decorations & buying the Right Gifts.

The whole Christmas thing isn't fun anymore. I get more letters begging for money every year than the year before. Someone heard I'm now printing my own, I guess.

So this year I hid out. I stayed home & listened to the latest book in Michael Connely's Harry Bosch series. It's actually the second in the new Ballard & Bosch series but number 20 something in the Bosch series .   .   .    they also connect with Harry's younger brother, Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer series as well. Anyway, I love the stuff. Harry's not a 'shoot-em-up' cop, he's a thinker, a researcher & a picker which makes the novels so good, IMHO. I was going to get the latest book in Craig Johnson's Longmire series as well but the reviews are awful so I got a couple of Star Trek books instead. I like to listen when I'm knitting or doing data entry but I seem to be doing less of both these days. The only other option is listening in bed when I can't sleep at night. LOL  I've become an official Old Fart. Three hours sleep & I'm ready to go. Five hours if I'm really tired. So I listen a lot in the winter when it's too cool to get up at 4:35AM.

I did go out for dinner on the Saturday before Christmas with my Ex for fun. Usually he goes with several friends to a couple of Christmas Dinners put on by local Churches but he decided he just doesn't want to be bothered driving this year. For a guy who sweated blood all summer worrying about losing his driver's license because he was turning 80, he sure doesn't drive anywhere to justify all the stress!!  I managed to get him out for lunch though & the cafe owner told him they would deliver any time. Normally, they're closed on Mondays & holidays but were open this year on Christmas Eve due to Customer requests, so I made sure to go back on Christmas Eve & order take-out for two days!! Why not?? Chicken & broccoli tastes good any time!! They were smiling a whole lot when I went in mid afternoon even though the cafe was empty because they'd just cooked up a take-out for 70 people!! I guess that single order paid for the trouble of opening. Now that's Christmas Dinner!!

I bought myself a pot for Christmas. It's actually a two litre pot with a handle on one side & a spout on the top of the other side with a domed glass lid. It's a Curtis Stone pot. The moment I saw it I wanted it! It's perfect for miso soup or a cooked pudding or gravy or anything else you want to heat & pourl! It will cook a dozen eggs at the same time for egg salad. Perfect for hot brine for making small batch pickles! I can think of a lot of uses - I love the handle & the spout means no more drips. I've wanted one of these for a long time but never saw a small one anywhere. I'm not big on pots. I have a dutch oven, a pressure cooker, a tiny pan for cooking two eggs & a stir fry pan. I gave everything else away because I just didn't use them. I don't cook a lot anymore since there's only me. I've even tossed the toaster because I didn't use it. I do like a coffee machine - I make tea in it because I like loose tea - but I've been making do with a coffee carafe on a trivet on the back burner. What I really need is a big Brown Betty tea pot instead. And if I didn't use the microwave to make my oatmeal, it would be gone too!

On the Needles - Just finished new ribbing on two pairs of my old socks - I put my thumb through the right hand ones pulling them on when my damn knee was acting up!! I really, really didn't want to have a darn in the middle of the ribbing .   .   .   .    so I cut off the ribbing on both socks & knit a new one. Piddly, fiddly work on dark days but I can wear the socks again. Knit new toes on another pair. All my old socks are getting toe holes. Most of them are 15+ years old so I guess it's about time since they've become thinner & thinner as the years've gone by.
Lara's vest/sweater is on my desk & I try to put a couple rows on it every day when I'm watching the Time Team or Art Investigators.