Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just a Dawg

I haven't had a lot of interesting things going on in the last couple of weeks  -  my life has become rather dull. There's nothing much to report other than my 80 year old - next month - Ex gets to keep his license for two more years!  He was so stressed out about losing it since he lives in a corner of the town with nothing within walking distance & poor bus service. But, he's safe for two more years!!!

My efforts to KILL my mice continue! There's a lot of good stuff in the back of my cupboards apparently - like packages of pop corn - that seem to be more interesting than my poisoned peanut butter. So I concocted a new poisonous package with cheese. I bought some Swiss cheese slices & they were tasteless to me but apparently not to mice. The package has vanished!!

It's been so hot this week that I've been doing laundry so I can hang it outside to dry. Since I have a teeny washer & only one rack, the process has been lengthy. But, oh my, how GOOD towels smell when they dry in the sunshine!!! Yesterday was sooooo hot that TWO heavy bath-towels dried in 20 minutes on my patio. I've pulled all the winter socks out. And today, a winter quilt. If I'm going to swelter in the heat, then I'll get some use out of it. On days like this, I wish I had a solar cooker so I could make dinner while the towels dry!!

My rescued fuchsia is leafing out all over. I cut it back, soaked it really good & tucked it into the very back of my patio where the big box of ferns used to be. Apparently it loves the spot & is already setting tiny buds! I should get my ass in gear & re-pot a couple of other things too. Like that poor spider plant that's lived in a plastic drinking glass for 10 years .  .  .  .  And the Jade plant the mouse was living in!

Haven't taken my Indian spinner outside for a spin this summer but I really must. I've been sitting outside in the cool evenings with my knitting instead, making short summer socks. But, I now have 5 or 6 pairs & should be fine for the summer.
Must get that vest done for my niece before it gets cold too since I really need to knit it outside with all the 'bits' it throws off as I work with it. I bought the same B&G Tuffy yarn in RED for myself. I have a 'jacket' pattern that's really a poncho with arms for myself for the winter. I wanted something warm but not too warm that was easy to wear. I don't want to have to take it on & off all the time but I need something when getting from the house to the car & back.

I've been listening to the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. Maisie starts out in life as a poor girl around 1900 who goes into service as a maid at 12. Her employers notice how smart she is & send her to school where she wins a place at the University.  WWI breaks out & Maisie trains as a nurse & goes to France. She survives the war to eventually become an 'investigator' who does 'Discrete' investigations. The series is very well written & as true to the period as possible. I think I'm now up to the mid 30's.

Friday, July 06, 2018

A Mouse Did It

It's been a tough week this week. Even though it's been a short week, it's still been tough. I started off by moving stuff that hasn't been moved in eons only to find my one little mouse has become generations of mice nicely homed in an old fleece in a basket. I suspect they've been coming & going thru the office window which opens onto the back stairs. One damn mouse made a home in my very large Jade plant by burrowing deep under the roots - the plant is so heavy that I don't really move it anymore!! So, I've been waging war on mice with Rat Pellets & Peanut Butter. Oh, how they love the mixture!!

I was moving things to find the bin/s of combed & dyed spinning fibre. Yes, spinning fibre. I now understand that I'll be working a lot longer than I planned & spinning a lot less as a result. I also like to knit & the two don't always go together very well in my world. I seem to have long periods of one or the other .   .   .    so while I have friendly spinners around, I want to sell off some of the stuff I know I'll never get to. I bought way more than I ever needed - it was investment buying!! hahahaha  Trust me, the Passionate Purple, Magenta & tropical Paua are NOT being sold off!! But I have subscription offerings & individual packages which ARE being sold. I very carefully stored them all away in giant Rubber Maid tubs which are NOT labeled or transparent. Stupid me.

I decided I'd rather spin fleeces, which are easier on hands that hurt & yield amounts that can make a vest or sweater. I always liked spinning from the fleece. Probably because that's how I learned to spin back in the 70s! We didn't have dyed, combed anything available to us. We had mostly white fleeces from Australia & local fleeces that almost no one wanted! If you wanted color, you dyed your own! Occasionally, a grey or brown fleece appeared but mostly the only choice was white. I ended up being seduced by all the color available 30 years later!! I love color. But, funny as it sounds, when all is said & done, I prefer lighter greys for spinning because I can wear the yarn on it's own, combine it with colored yarns or over-dye it if I want. I can't wear white at all!

But, I am NOT moving anything today. Today I'm just stiff & sore & recovering from yesterday! Yesterday I had a WCB Audit. What an adventure!! There was only ONE handicap parking spot & not available to me. It was probably the hottest day of the year to be hobbling across a half acre of blacktop parking lot with a heavy bag & a cane. By the time I got to the main door - Reception was at the other end of the building - I had to sit down, take a pee & use my puffer in any order! No bench, no washroom for the public on the main floor at all & a trickling water feature greeted me. By the time I got myself together, used the elevator, found a washroom & located Reception, I was 10 minutes late & listening to my phone ringing in my bag. Thank gawd  the building was air conditioned!!!  The young  man doing my audit was very nice & finished in about 20 minutes!  I told him I was really shocked at how unfriendly WCB is about handicap access. One would think that a place who's Claim to Fame is to look after injured workers would be totally accessible!! ONE parking spot!! No ramp to get on/off the sidewalk to the parking. No sitting place at the door - not even a ledge - to rest. It's tough work hobbling across a parking lot with a cane & a bag of documents!! No accessible washroom & no directions to a washroom in the lobby. Just a sign that said - "Please check in with Reception when you arrive".  I couldn't FIND Reception.  

Monday, July 02, 2018

Happy Holiday Monday

Since the TV died last fall, I often don't know what day it is. So I missed the Official Canada Day celebration. I was home, doing laundry & lounging outside to watch it dry in the afternoon sun.

While guarding the laundry on it's drying rack, I listened to Heinlein's "Door into Summer" for the umteenth time - I love Pete & Danny - & worked on my Goth Kitty short summer socks. Finished the first & turned the heel on the second one. I really like this Goth Kitty colorway from Knit Picks! Grey, Pink & Purple - most of my favorite colors all in one sock!! And one ball made one & a half short socks. I bought four balls!!!

Haven't done much new book reading so far this summer but I have been re-reading  'Raven Black' book 1 in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series on my Kobo ebook reader. I take that reader with me everywhere I go. Even if I only go thru the drive-thru for a coffee, I take it with me. I have the back-lit version with e-ink so there's no glare on the screen if I read it out in the sun & the screen is evenly lit in the dark. None of that flashlight effect you get with a book light!! Although I love audio books when I work, I love to curl up & read too. Some books are just better when you read them yourself!!!

Not much progress on the farming niece's vest. I've been having a bad Spring with all the pollution, mould & pollen floating around & have avoided knitting with anything that throws off 'bits' when it's worked with. Good old Briggs & Little yarns make me wheeze. I have contemplated soaking the skeins in conditioner & 'beating' them on the post outside to tame the 'fly-aways' because they DO wear like iron & soften with use. Now that the weather is warmer, I am hoping to get it finished as I lounge out on the patio watching the laundry dry!