Sunday, November 18, 2018


I haven't vacuumed my basement in a couple of years. I've made do with a Swiffer, a Swiffer duster & a broom - got one of those nifty dustpans on a long handle that swivel too - but it's come to the point where the dust bunnies breed in the night & I just can't keep up. I hate stirring up the dust with the vacuum because I can't take a deep breath for a couple of days after I use the damn thing.  So, I investigated all the Big Names in vacuuming & talked to people who have them. I heard a lot of good & bad along the way. Repairmen say that the older machines were built better, operate longer & clean better. The old ones don't have all the bells & whistles but maybe I really don't need that self cleaning dirt cup that needs to be emptied all the time. The swivel ball is nice but do I really need to pay $400 more to get one??? I need a machine that can get dirt & dust off floors, dust bunnies & cobwebs high up in the corners, dust my books & not cost a fortune or weigh too much. After a lot of looking & talking I decided to just upgrade my old Hoover. I got it second hand with a power head for carpets but there's no other tools. Today I dug it out, dusted it off & checked it out. The hose is good, suction is excellent & the power head works just fine. And Al's Vacuums in Whalley found me an entire set of new-to-me tools including an extra wand & even threw in a package of bags. I just have to dust off the old girl, insert a new yellow bag & go forth dusting .   .   .   . 

On the Needles - finished re-knitting the holey socks!! I really must take a photo before they wind up on my feet!!
Lara's Pabaigh is back in my hands & I managed to add about an inch to it tonight before bed. It's knit in one piece from the bottom up then split for front & back shaping so there won't be any seams to sew when I'm done!! Lara will be really glad to get this since she says it's impossible to keep a scarf on when she's bending over & shoveling out the barn. Basically the Pabaigh is a vest with a cowl attached.
Next I will be pulling out all the UFOs in the pile next to my old TV watching chair & figure out which one will be finished for ME since my ratty old office sweater needs to go into the trash before it falls apart on my back.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Let There Be Heat

Yesterday, the heat came on!! I try not to be a pussy but it was getting to be really, really cold in my cement basement! The butter won't even spread. The landlord & I usually have our contest every year until one of us says "HEAT" but this year, I just didn't know. Anyway, the Son knocked on my door & asked me if I know how to check the pilot light because he tried turning on the thermostat & nothing happened. We checked it all out but other than taking off parts & replacing the filter, we were both boobs. He even checked his Smart Phone. I checked the Reader's Digest 'Repairs' book but it turned out we were still boobs. Just by accident, he noticed the light switch on the outside of the electrical room. What's that for he asked? Dunno, I said, your dad told me to never touch it. He flipped it & the furnace came on. Oh oh he said, I think I might've turned that off when I checked out the filter last time I was here .   .   .   .   thought it was a light switch. Damn kid!!!

The furnace ran for over an hour until it shut off! And I had to take two quilts off the bed in the middle of the night  .   .   .   . 

Now that I have heat again, I have to crank up my ass & get back to work. I have three projects on my desk to get finished before the end of the month because I have another year coming - with several employees - to do ASAP. It never rains but it pours!! At least my fingers will be warm enough to work. And it's time to get the stew pot simmering with winter soups & stews once more. Maybe this year I'll learn to make 'no knead' bread to go with them.

Audiobooks - Listening to Ann Cleeves' Shetland series once more. And she added a new book this year! Jimmy Perez, our local police Inspector, is working once more with Willow Reeves from the mainland as they unravel local legend, gossip & search for another murderer. Also listening to an old favorite, Anne McCaffrey & her Pern series. I'm listening to "Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern". This one is new to me but I enjoy all of the original books by Anne, I quit buying them once her son Todd took over .  .  .  .

On the Needles - sock repairs continue. I am replacing several toes instead of darning them. Yeah, I could double stitch too but sometimes it's just as easy to put on a new toe in a wild color, especially if the sock has shrunk a little in the wash over time. When the last two pairs of socks are finished, I have Lara's vest to finish & one of my sweaters-on-the-go to finish for me. Still thinking of just making it a cap sleeve vest to wear over my long sleeved tee shirts for winter.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Alf Zirk 

WW1 volunteer out of Regina, Sask in 1914. With his excellent memory, sharp eye for detail & farm background, he spent the early part of the war looking after war horses. He was later recruited as a Mapper. His job was to crawl through the mud on the frontier at night, cut the barbed wire barricades & map the area for the advancing troops. He also carried messages & ran phone lines as he went. Miraculously he survived the war & died in his sleep in 1990, two months shy of his 102nd birthday.