Friday, August 09, 2019


Made my first trip to the locker yesterday. I need to find so many things! Since it was Starbuck's two for one day, I got TWO iced coffees so I had a bribe in hand in case I needed help. No bribe was required and they offered to help me any way they could. One young man came with me & helped put several things on my dolly. I realized I could've used a smaller unit but that's okay for now, at least I don't have to put it all in the hallway to find anything!!
Found  the rice cooker, the big soup pot - yes, yes, yes, my oscillating fan & a bin of sock yarn. It wasn't the bin I wanted but it will do nicely. I found all my pillows - now I can have a good sleep with my right knee & left elbow supported. The only problem with the whole thing was the heat in there!!! And the lights - or rather - the lack of lights. No lights in each unit, only motion controlled hall lights if you can believe it. The lights kept going off on me. How do you find anything in the dark???? Grrrr

I was utterly exhausted when I finished in there. Had to park the car in the shade outside the gates, drink the remains of my iced coffee & rest for a good half hour before I could drive home. Then I had a nap.

Today I had my second appointment with my Respiratory Therapist. He saw me two months ago when I was just out of the hospital. He measured my O2 levels at rest, when walking with & without tank oxygen. And adjusted the flow of what I breath. He had ordered the full Respiratory tests I did a couple of weeks later & the overnight monitoring. HE hasn't yet posted the results to my new doctor but says he will now that a second evaluation has been done. He measured my blood oxygen again both on & off the house machine which is constant & had me walk up & down the drive for 6 minutes at a time with the tank oxygen.
I am a lot stronger than I was & am now able to take off the house oxygen when at quiet rest like watching TV or reading. I'm a lot more stable when walking too, my heart stays at a level rate & I can walk faster - well, until my knee complains too much. I knew that because I can do the whole Safeway without HAVING to sit down part way through. I told him I walk at least twice a week through two grocery stores without any major problems & try to go out every day even if it's only for a coffee. So, there is some improvement to be made in spite of what the medical doctor says!! I do feel encouraged.
Found the Chicken Bag

Knitting - there's this cotton summer wrap kit I bought. I've mislaid the damned pattern. No, it's not in Storage, it's in my office/bedroom somewhere. I don't think I can download it. But I like the colors so I may just dig out one the the patterns I have & use the yarn. I don't need it yet but it won't be long until those cool drafts start .  .  .  .  And I did find two of the big bins with sweater amounts of yarn in them while in the locker so I can get started on a simple top-down cardigan. I have grey, hot pink & black leggings for winter so the wild clearance yarn from Knit Picks would work. So would the softer British yarn in muted grey & strawberry. I'll have to try to take a picture. In the dark.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Real Dawg Days

This coming week will be a busy one!  Marlow & I have appointments every single day & that doesn't include SHAW coming to remove a digital whatsis from the wall or the Vital Air man who drops off full cylinders & takes the empty ones away at 5:30 in the morning!!

When I moved in, I transferred my TELUS fax/phone/internet & added digital TV for Marlow. He was unhappy with SHAW & they charge him $40 a month for a phone he seldom uses so we got rid of his services & transferred his number to mine. Neither he nor I realized his phone was connected to a digital box on the wall - they've been trying to charge Marlow for not taking it back - SHAW wants it & it's up to us to return it. I spoke to the local office & they said they only installed them, it was my job to return it. I spoke sweetly to a Customer Service Person 2000 miles away, explained that it was fastened to the wall somehow & asked how to get it off the wall without using a crowbar. They immediately offered to come & remove it for us. I guess it's all in the tone of your voice .   .   .   .

It's been pretty darned hot in the late afternoons here in Bridgeview. Even with the front & back doors ajar & a breeze blowing through, it's still hot later in the day. The new porch does give us some shade now that the old tree is gone but the house has to be closed up at night or the raccoons  invade!! They love dry cat food. I think we need more cats or a dog to fight them off!

No Knitting has been going on even though I have yarn. It's too hot & I'm still working on bookkeeping stuff  .   .   .   .

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Dawg Days

 Marlow hung up my Wind Chimes for me. It's lovely listening to the one with the long tubes gently chime in the breeze that blows around the tiny porch at the top of the ramp. I sat outside for a couple of hours working on the current sock enjoying the afternoon & thinking about which yarn to use on the next ones. The bin of sock yarns I set aside to come with me went to storage so I'm left with a scrap bag .  .  .  .  but, I have to say, some of my most favored socks have come out of that bag!

Haven't been doing too much knitting because my thumbs have been really sore. Hopefully, that will change as the weather settles. I have several projects that I'd like to finish before I die!! The current car sock is almost finished - just a part of the toe to finish!! Wooo hooo  And I bought a summer project to knit in tropical colored cotton yarns. Just a simple wrap that caught my eye but something comfy to curl up in when it's breezy. And if I can find the energy, there's a couple of projects left over from last year that caught my eye  .   .   .   I have the yarn in a bag - somehow it walked into my car - but not the book with the patterns. Hopefully, all the books ended up in the same box in storage.
Lara's Vest

Kudos for the new Urgent & Primary Care Unit at the hospital. They've seen me every week since I walked in a couple of weeks out of the hospital. They like to take the time to treat the whole person. None of this 'We can only talk about TWO things today' business that the corner Clinic uses. That's what got me into trouble . No one knew my heart was failing because I wasn't allowed to talk about all my symptoms at the same time.
I now have a new Doctor & a Respiratory Therapist. And a personal Pharmacist. All my questions are answered fully or researched if no one knows. Of course, my whole history & notes from the moment I hit the hospital are on the screen for all to read. From some of their responses, it must be even worse than I know so I've given permission for all my support people to access them. Until I turned 60 & got the flu that paralyzed my left vocal chord, I've never really had any medical emergencies. So all of this is new to me. And it's so nice to be treated like a rational human instead of a symptom.