Tuesday, May 03, 2016

All Over

Whew  .  .  .   yeah, it's all over for another year. Delivered my last couple of envelopes to the Big Blue Box on Sunday & sent the last one through the ether just after lunch today er, yesterday, now. There's always a couple of people who wait till the last dawg is hung to file their taxes every year!!! I was so tired Sunday that I laid down on my bed for a nap around 4 & woke up just after 9:30 - 5 hours later. Ate something, drank something & went back to bed around 11 & slept like the dead until 8:30 this morning .  .  .  .  too many late nights & early mornings lately. Gotta stop that stuff, it ages you.

Now that it's all over, I can get back to all the other stuff cluttering up my office. And there's several boxes to get sorted, entered & out so I can move in there. And there's my two courses in progress - have to admit I spent most of the afternoon today working on the Therapods to Birds course. Caught up & did the second Quiz successfully. Hoooray!! Now onto the Gut Microbes. Did I mention that I'm eating a lot more yogurt these days??? I've learned that fermented foods help keep your gut microbiome healthy. Must feed those little bugs properly!!!!

And then there's the knitting. I've ordered two different lots of GREEN for the little project for my niece. I don't know which one it will be until I get it but it will be GREEN. In the meantime, I've barely started the heel on my first pair of summer Frankensocks. I really do miss my old knitting spot in front of the Tube with the 'daylight' lamp & the little table for my tea. And of course, I'm missing the British Detective series on PBS & Knowledge - I can't get them on YouTube dammit. I may have to take my chair outside to the patio & knit to an audiobook on my Creative device instead. I DO have several British Detective novels to listen to   -   mmmmm

Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Home for Big Blue

Remember about 10 years back when I started that Granny Square afghan for He Who Won't be Named??? Yeah, well, I almost forgot about it too. HE wanted a blue afghan. Just blue. I bloody well wasn't about to crochet a man-sized afghan in one color. How boring!! So, I got a couple of shades of blue & grey & crocheted a giant Granny Square. I should've started off with two Granny Squares so it would've been a rectangle but I didn't really think at the time .  .  .  . 
I can't quite remember exactly how BIG it is since it's buried in one of the bins, but I know it's gotta be at least 48" square at the moment. I always wanted to add a row of Cherry just to rebel against the plainness of it. Now I'm going to do just that. It needs finishing & it needs some brightness. And it's going to get some Red in the very next row 'cause I found it a worthy home. Finally.

One of my tax customers & his wife have suddenly parted ways. I was shocked to hear about it. After 30 years, everyone pointed at THEM as the couple with the most stable marriage. They survived her child, his child & their child's teen years with hardly a blink. Their lives were family centred & busy. And now they're not. They sold everything, paid the bills & he's camped out at a buddy's place 'till he finds an apartment. And he's taking donations like the black leather couch he just got. I thought Big Blue would look really, really fine on the back of a black leather couch  .   .   .   .

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Down to the Wire

I DO love the Tax Season every year. It's really a Social Season for me. I get to catch up with all the folks I only see once or twice a year - especially the older folks - I get to see all the new baby pictures, meet the new pets, find out who's been in the hospital & who won a jackpot in Vegas. One widowed lady is turning into quite a world traveler since she finally retired in her 70s - she likes to take all the cruises that her husband hated & has been almost everywhere! One or two people have died, two couples are divorcing & one couple has a child who's doing a first return. It's always a surprise. But it's almost over & I'm just about able to get back to real life once more. Sigh .  .  .   Just one more weekend for last minute surprises .  .  .  . like the 'Christmas' cactus blooming it's little heart out in my office this week. What's with that???

I haven't really been knitting at all. I did start a single summer Frankensock in Pinks & Purples but haven't even progressed to the heel yet. I guess I've either been too busy pounding on the keyboard or the TV's more important to knitting than I thought. Maybe it's the chair or the light??  Maybe it's the atmosphere in the Office - paper fumes may drown out yarn fumes.

Maybe it's the new courses? I was so good on Sunday. I caught up & finished my latest week's homework on my 'Gut Check - Exploring your Microbiome' course. We're moving on to the most interesting stuff!!!! And I covered two weeks worth of the 'Paleontology: Therapod Dinosaurs & the Origin of Birds'. I love Dinosaurs & the University of Northern Alberta is the BEST. I have to say I'm really enjoying my courses even when I get a little bogged down with work. Exercising the old noodle, folks. It's GOOD for you. I even have the next three courses picked out already & even found one for my niece who has the 'farmlette' up the valley, 'Chicken Behavior & Welfare' from the University of Edinburgh.