Monday, September 17, 2018

Sticky Traps Work

I got em all!! At least I think I did. No more mouse sounds & no more mouse sitings out of the corner of my eye. Got three mice in one week & one a couple of weeks ago. And I think I got them all. I hope I got  them all .   .   .   .

A couple of months ago, I got a bill with a credit from Telus for a Mike phone that I haven't owned in at least 10 years. I loved my Mike phone. It was the one with the walkie-talkie feature that was introduced at the PNE & only available to business customers. My buddy signed us up somehow at the PNE. So, even though we weren't a 'business' we got a half price 'deal' on two of them because of the PNE special. All our friends were jealous!! The Mike network was amazing! We could add people to our 'Group' & talk to them anywhere in North America with no roaming charges. But the company was bought by Telus & everything changed before the phone was discontinued.
I've been with Fido ever since. Today, I finally got someone at Telus who thinks he can get my old Mike business credit transferred to my home phone/fax account. Amazing .   .   .   .

I was a little horrified to get two emails today - telling me it was 100 days to Christmas!!!  One included links to all the "most asked for" toys for kids. I've hardly ever seen any of them. Who's asking for them ???? I guess not watching TV for a year is a bonus. Since there's less than 100 days until Christmas, I guess it's time I got back to the needles since I'll be soon needing a hat - I cut all my hair off, wristers - who knows where they go in the summer, Lara's vest & a sweater for myself before it gets too cold out there!

Monday, September 10, 2018

One More Mouse

Had enough, bought sticky pads to get my mice. Got the cheeky mouse that kept running behind my desk & burrowing into my big plant pot! I didn't want to do it, I tried to avoid the sticky trap but I saw no other way to get rid of them. One down & one to go .   .   .   .

Now that Fall is almost here - don't mind it  but have realized I have no winter clothes other than two thick hoodies & three pairs of sweat pants - I really have to get the new-to-me sewing machine set up & working.  I love my hoodies but I really need a zip or button front hoodie to wear over tee shirts because it's too warm to wear the hoodies over a shirt & too cold to wear the shirt alone. Last year's fleece - is actually 6 years old - is looking very tatty! I have been thinking seriously of slashing the fronts of my hoodies & putting in a big coat zip that opens at the bottom. Should be fairly easy but I think my only option is a white zip for the screaming melt-your-eyeballs PINK one. The other one is dark Purple so a black zip would work but I prefer to wear the Pink one. Or sew a jacket in thick fleece. I know I have an old 'ET' type rain jacket pattern from 30 years ago that's very cozy. I spent a lot of hours sitting outside Starbucks drinking coffee in one! Or pull out all the top down sweaters I've started & pick one to finish!!! Fast.

Sunday, September 02, 2018


It's so much fun when old pals show up out of the blue on the doorstep!! One I thought was gone forever, happily married & renovating a house with a new family, turned up a couple of weeks ago. He's single once more, broke & up to his eyeballs in debt but working on an idea for his next million. He's the smartest man I've ever met & we laughed & laughed when I asked for his autograph before he becomes famous. We used to have such fun in a gang working on ideas over coffee on Sunday afternoons .  .  .  .

My buddy Steve worked over my office several months ago - I've tried to keep it uncluttered - & he stuffed a lot of things into the closet. Well, I haven't used one single thing he stuffed in there so I think it's time to dump most of it. I will keep the tapestry loom & the good fleece in the vacuum bag but all the stacking file trays, plastic bins & other crap will go. I have an old scanner in a box that's never been opened, a really old Mita photocopier & a box full of cables, cords & hardware that I've collected over the years that will follow. It's time. It's amazing how you collect small electronics like keyboards, mice, cassette players, fans, clocks & small radios simply because it's a pain in the butt to drive across town to get rid of them. I think Steve stuffed it all into my closet & left the door off because he knew I'd get tired of looking at it & haul it away on my own instead of fighting about it. So I guess that's my job this coming week. At least two boxes of old electronics to the recycle joint & one of old office accessories to the Hospital Thrift Store.

The Second Goth Kitty Short Sock is ON the needles. Turning a heel while trying to yak over coffee in a cafe is tough so I cast on the second sock instead. It's so much easier to make ribbing or straight knit instead of working colored elastic markers & short rows in public. People like to stand around & ask silly questions while you're trying not to drop a stitch or elastic. I suppose I should learn to knit two socks at the same time on the same needles to simplify the process but I had a hard enough time learning THIS heel on the first two pairs of socks! I have the sort of brain that stays scrambled until the lemons line up & BING, it all drops into place. Sometimes my brain sorts the mess right away & sometimes it takes several lessons until the light comes on. I drove a couple of math teachers crazy because I have to understand what I'm doing before I can do it.

Pabaigh - The yarn has been wound into cakes & has been set out as my new TV project. Yes, I now have a new TV box. The knitting itself is all plain with nothing fancy at all. The body is almost straight with cap sleeves so it shouldn't take much work once it's on the needles. I suspect the worst part has been getting gauge & casting on since it's worked in one piece. Just give me a weekend of good dramas on Public TV or Knowledge & I'll be well on the way!