Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

It's Turkey weekend here in Canada where we celebrate Thanksgiving in the middle of the harvest season. Peaches & Creme corn sits side by side with fresh Brussels Sprouts, Squashes of all size & shape, Onions, Carrots, 4 kinds of Spuds, 3 kinds of Yams, Salad Greens of all shape & size & 17 kinds of Apples. It's a great time to cook a huge meal to stuff the faces of all your friends & family. Hopefully everyone remembered the single people they know who had nowhere to go & no fancy dinner to go to.

I stayed home & ignored the whole thing. Yeah, I like turkey & all the fixings but a turkey is too big for one person to bother with & I prefer thighs. I used to be able to buy boxes of wings, legs & thighs but no more. Thighs go directly to the manufacturers of turkey products like Pastrami, sausages & bacon. White meat is too dry. Damn. So instead, I have the crock pot full of chicken legs & thighs, dried mushrooms & mushroom soup. It will be wonderful with a nuked yam or two.

I've raced ahead in my Dino101 course this weekend & only have four units left to do out of 12!! I'm enjoying this course so much & of course, the price is right. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves Dinosaurs.

And I've been knitting. My last Summer Socks are finished. It turned out that I had lots of the lovely mottled Regia yarn so I added toes in the same color. There's even enough left over to share with the girls who're making the Puff's Quilt. 
I've already cast-on a new sock in my favorite KROY 4ply. Lately I've had 4 pairs of my old socks start to shred. They've become so thin over the years with all the washing & wearing that they're not really fixable unless I reknit the feet. You can just about see through them when you hold them up to the light & I've finally wore them through. I guess I shouldn't complain too much since they're almost 15 years old!!! Most of them were knitted in DGS Confetti, Regia, Opal & Kroy. I've never spent more than $10 a ball for any of it & often much less but the socks lasted for almost 15 years. I wonder if that $27 a skein fancy yarn everybody raves about would wear as well?? 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I went Shopping Anyway

Didn't sleep worth a damn last night - I have NO idea what THAT was all about but it happened. I ended up listening to a 4.5 hour audio book - The Powers That Be - by Anne McCaffrey. It was sadly condensed into that 4.5 hours which made it a little choppy but I know it off by heart, so I guess it doesn't really matter. As soon as the neighborhood kids were gone to school, I headed off to the Dollar Store. I'm a big fan of Primo's canned beans & the Dollar Store usually has them for $1.25 a can. I buy Diced Tomatoes, Kidney Beans, Mixed beans, Chickpeas & Lentils for less than HALF of what the grocery store charges. I know, I know, I could buy them dried in bulk for pennies a serving & I have jars full, but  sometimes I just want a cup of beans or lentils in my soup or stew or salad. Canned beans are still a great cheap food. Now that it's Crock Pot time again, I'll be making Italian Soup & 5 Bean Chilli more often!!

Dinosaurs are really fun. And I'm having a great time in Dinosaur 101! I'm with a group in one of the forums right now & we're identifying fossils. It's a pain because I don't know WHEN the fossil will be posted by the Instructor & who will be first to make the ID, but it's still great fun. It keeps the  'Little Grey Cells' working. I'm half way through & doing very well. I like the fees - NONE - which makes it affordable for people like me. I think I'll take a course every semester just to keep life interesting now that I'm officially OLD.

Did I say?? I'm officially OLD. Got my first Canada Pension cheque for October. Sigh, it wasn't a great amount - I couldn't even live well in the Brazilian slums - but every dollar in the pot helps. This isn't what I planned for this time of my life but I do like Lemonade so I'll just keep trucking along. Good thing too. My other old, broke friends & I have been kidding each other about banding together to rent a warehouse to live in. We could build cubicles or park trailers in the space & share the utilities. We figure we can pick bottles & surf the recycling bins just as well as some ethnic types driving big cars here in Surrey. The big car comes into a neighborhood early when the bins come out. 10 people get out of the car with bags & race around picking the bottles & cans with a deposit on them. They fill the trunk & move on. EVERY WEEK. Two guys with a pick-up should do as well & split it fewer ways!! Maybe I should just go back to buying "Cash for Life" scratch cards.

Knitting Content - Yeah baby! My last pair of Summer Socks are just about finished. Boy, is it tough to knit that dark yarn now that it's getting dark earlier. Since I only had one 50 gram ball of that lovely muted Regia, I've had to use that dark brown for the foot once the heel is turned. The brown does look good with the Regia but it's hard to see. Good thing it's just straight knitting to the toe shaping - I have enough Regia left to do the toes!! Makes life easier because I can SEE it to decrease.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try on my Poncho Pullover to see where I am & plan the sleeves. It's pretty nice with all the bands in different colors of blue but the main body will be in one solid blue so the sleeves can be something else .  .  .  .

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's the Last Day of September

This is what I started with
September & October are my favorite months of the year. Even when I was a little kid I loved them which is strange considering most kids love December for Christmas or the month they were born. I love the gusty wind when the sun shines. I love to buy school supplies & still get that itch when school starts in September. I love the cool nights so I can cuddle under my flannel covered quilt with the window wide open. I love rolling in the leaves, picking apples & the smell of wood smoke in the air. And best of all, I love wearing a big comfy sweater over my shorts & sneaks when I take a dog for a walk. I'm not taking walks with my sore knee - yeah, it's still sore - but I'm taking a few more steps on my Gazelle. 

And knitting a Poncho Pullover to wear.

And this is what I'm getting
  I had the darned thing down to the armholes which I put on strings & had moved into working on the body when I realized something was wrong. Went back to the pattern & found that I missed a section & should have more stitches on than I actually did .  .  .  .  sigh. Spent three evenings TINKing it back to where I split the sleeve openings from the body & have now added back what I took off & then some. Another evening or so in front of the tube & I should be well on the way to the hem - how 'bout some good dramas, Knowledge Network??? Public TV?? Anyone?? There's nothing like an evening of good Murder Mysteries to move that knitting right along.