Wednesday, July 27, 2016

And I Thought it was Hot Before

This time of year I have to think back to winter when it was too cold to do data entry in my home office. And I have to remember really, really often because my home office is now the hottest room in my basement. I have all the blinds down, the windows open as far as I can - they only open skinny cat size in order to keep the skunks & raccoons out - but, like most apartments, there's no cross breeze since all the windows are on the same side. And I face West. So, in the late afternoon, the sun bakes my patio & windows. I don't suffer at night because I have an oscillating 4' high fan in my bedroom blowing on the bed - sigh. It's where I also nap when it's the hottest time of day.

I'm not complaining much, I do my running around in the mornings before it gets too hot & I sit outside in the cool mornings & evenings with my door wide open. Lately, I've been hosing down the patio when I water the Jungle & sit outside & knit afterwards. I'm trying to enjoy being retired, well, semi-retired. I have a couple of little jobs & two more I'm considering. Enough to pay for the car, some extras & pay off the credit card. Hahahah Gotta pay for those late night shopping sprees!!

The latest Pink Frankensocks have been delivered to the cook. I tried out the spiral stripe method illustrated in a Cabin Fever newsletter on one of the toes to stretch the pink a little farther - I like it!!
He's probably wearing them as I type unless his girlfriend swiped them. I did make them a little bigger so she'd be less likely to but it depends on how well he hid them when he took them home.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hot Time in the Burbs

I know, I know, it's been a while but I've been busy & the time just flew. I planned to spin for the Tour de Fleece this year - all that dry, dry Romni - but somehow missed the beginning - I'm going to blame it on the lack of TV & radio since I haven't replaced the dead TV yet & may not ever!! And I'm not a radio listener unless I'm in the car. So I missed the start. And by the time I realized I missed the start, well, I was onto other things.

So what HAVE I been doing??? Listening to my Audiobooks & Knitting more Frankensocks for one thing. The second Cook in my favorite little eatery wanted wild PINK Frankensocks. I have lots of bits with pink in them but he's hard on socks so I have to make sure his socks are made with yarn with plenty of nylon in it - no
merino yarns for him!! So his PINK socks have orange & turquoise in them as well as any Pink with nylon. Since this is my 5th pair of PINK Frankensocks this year, I'm also getting low on Pinks. I've been enjoying knitting wild & crazy socks & using up all the leftovers as I go - this is like making FREE socks since it hasn't cost me anything but my time!! I know I could make blankets but I hate all that fiddly stuff with little squares or poufs that have to be sewn together!! I'd rather knit socks or hats since they've become mindless knitting for me.

Since I didn't get to spin anything useful this year - I can't believe I missed the start date!! - I drowned my sorrows in Bailey's one late night & went shopping at the Sale online. OOOps - I bought fingering yarns for a couple of interesting new projects. What??? Well, there's a couple of things I'm pondering but I haven't quite made up my mind yet. And there's also that little wrap I promised to my niece a couple of months ago that has to be finished.
So, there you are. Haven't been anywhere or seen anything other than my own front patio most of the time. It's rather nice out there this time of year with all the Lemon Balm, Fennel, Sage & Oregano blooming their little hearts out. You should see my crop of Bumble Bees!!! I think I'm single handedly supporting the local nest of them. My hanging baskets are at their best, the ferns are growing like bad weeds & even the Jade Plant cuttings & Spider Plant trimmings are growing instead of becoming compost behind the ferns!! It's a very good time to sit on the patio with a cold drink & hot knitting needles.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


And what did I do for my Canada Day weekend??? I stayed home, watered the plants, made a last minute run to Safeway & avoided driving, that's what I did!! The freeway east was a parking lot when the Ex & I went to lunch on Thursday - nice for us because there was plenty of parking. And the freeway west as well as the border both north & south were jammed when we went for a Chinese supper on Sunday!! Sitting in a hot car amid exhaust fumes on a Freeway or a Border crossing with no cold drinks, entertainment or bathrooms is not my idea of a 'holiday'.

I spent my money on CHERRIES the size of small chicken eggs. Crisp, tangy, ripe cherries almost like those found on the trees of Keremeos. The only thing missing was the taste of HOT cherries fresh off the tree!!! Cherries are my favorite fruit & I make a point of eating as many as I can every year when they come to town. Cherries in the Big Grocery stores are okay but do yourself a favor & buy yours in oriental grocery stores instead - they get the best ones. Cherries are also good for arthritis. Apparently they help reduce joint pain. A really, really good reason to spend more money on cherries!!!

I always need small project bags so I decided to use some of that Crafter Cotton in my Stash & knit a couple. I really like the LETS GO SHOPPING pattern from AvaAdore on Ravelry. I've knit the pattern several times as written with great results although I've never used the bags for 'shopping'. I've used them mostly for gift bags with handmade soap & knitted washcloths inside which one recipient used as her gym bag by adding towel & swimsuit. The mesh pattern is a bit 'open' for this project bag so I'm working three rows of mesh with 6 rows of stockinet to make it a little more substantial. I don't worry about losing anything since I use circular needles in traveling projects & a little tin to hold all the findings. There should be room for my wallet, change purse & Creative device when I want to go & knit in public.

On the Needles - more socks of course. I have to knit a pair of PINK Frankensocks for the
#2 cook at my favorite cafe. I'm thinking of ordering some NEON pink & orange sock yarn & knitting them in stripes but I'm not sure if my eyes could take it!!
On the Wheel - That dry, dry Romni roving - I have to spin it outside & it's too damp & cold out there today - my bones are aching with this change in the weather!!! Hopefully the sun will come out later this afternoon & all will be well. I am glad it rained very hard & turned cold in the night though, the Burns Bog fire needed all the help it could get!!