Monday, December 11, 2017

Saturday - Six Days Later

Stevo - my favorite computer friend - came by after coffee on Friday & fished my new accounting program disc out of the inside of the computer. He just pushed down the centre lock mechanism in the floppy drive - the part I didn't - slid it all the way in & pushed the button to make it come out again. When it came out, the disc was in the drive. And he did NOT laugh at me. Apparently it happens so often, he has a special price to make a commercial office visit & fish them out. Good thing I bought his coffee .  .  .

My New Doc got her way on Monday & I agreed to try a new-to-me medication for my knee so I - hopefully - don't get seized up in Safeway again. My only hesitation in this is that I've also got to take medication to protect my stomach from the pain meds. And the cost is not thrilling me either. I've heard of this stuff - Celebrex - before but not for a long time. So I have this one month trial period. And there's time to research the stuff.

I can tell after 5 days, that this medication does NOTHING for my pain. I'm not as stiff as I would be with all this cold, wet fog blanketing the burbs in the Lower Mainland but everything, including my fingers & right hip, burns. I think the best combo was the one Tylenol Arthritis & one 200mg Ibuprofen together. A nurse at Peach Arch Hospital told me to do that because it seems the combination works better than doubling either med on it's own. And most of the time, I only take it before bed & in the morning. And it's cheap too. But, I've only taken one course of Celebrex & now I'm off for a week before starting the next course. Research tells me it has to accumulate in my body to help. More research from individuals who've taken it say that when it works, it's a miracle that usually works right away. The others claim it ranged from doing nothing to a rash &  agitation to heart palpitations & trouble breathing. So far nothing has happened.

On the Knitting Front - Hopscotch socks haven't progressed much since my fingers are sore & I've been doing a lot of data entry. I do have plans to make myself a big, snuggly touque & some new wrist warmers. I do like the wrist warmers the best because they fill that gap between your jacket & hand where the cold air hits in the car. I don't like to drive with gloves at all but I can wear the wristers all day long & do find they help keep my hands warmer.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Monday turned into a mad day. I did not want to get up in the morning but got myself up anyway after another night of tossing & turning. I swear it's that  huge gibbous moon glowering into my bedroom that's causing problems!!! Have you seen it out there around 4 AM these days??? Got myself down to my new semi monthly appointment to find my knee x-rays had arrived. Gee, no one's talking about my cardiogram or cholesterol any more!!! My torn meniscus has turned into degenerating osteo-arthritis so my next appointment is to be with the Bone Guy. Whoopee. And my sore hands?? - the Doc is yakking up carpal tunnel but I'm holding out for arthritis since most of my thumb & first two finger joints are involved & there's no numbness or tingling at all unless I play video games all night. When she asked what I'm taking for pain & inflammation, I told her I preferred Baileys & tea, she decided I need prescription pain meds. I actually asked the Pharmacist if the Doc owns shares in the place.

Managed to drop off a Jade plant cutting at the Doctor's office. The poor thing & it's sister were still outside in their yellow pots so I took one with me to the appointment. I think I'll be dropping off some magazines next!! Jades are great plants for offices. No one has to remember to water them regularly & they quite nicely live a long time in the same pot in varying types of light when the office is closed.

Three of my little business guys actually dropped stuff off for year ends too. I haven't seen two of them for months & suddenly, here they are with paperwork in hand. Wow. I guess I know what I'll be doing for Christmas!!! One actually brought a bottle of my favorite libation for my tea!! Guess I'll do HIS stuff first!!

I was a real twit today. I bought the latest updated Accounting program last year & decided to finally install the silly thing. My new computer has one of those thin, floppy DVD drives in which you have to carefully install your disc before closing the door. Well, I was in a hurry, slipped in the disc, did not press it down & pushed the door. The disc slid into the slot just as neat as you please while sending the sliding reader/writer drawer BACK out. Great.

Knitting Stuff - since the sun is shining & the sky is blue, I'm off to Starbucks with my latest sock - in Hopscotch - in hand & my Creative device loaded with audio-books. I don't care who needs what today, they aren't getting it till after dark!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Tomorrow I'm off to the next semi-monthly appointment with the new Doctor. I wonder what she'll want to talk about this time???? Maybe it will be my knee xrays - yesterday I would've killed to be taken away horizontally from Safeway when it painfully stopped working mid step in the Dairy department on the far side of the store. I could only limp & slide a few inches at a time, leaning on that damn cart & feeling like I was going to puke. I made it out of the store with what I had in the basket, got home - easier to drive than walk - & fell into bed with everything left in the car in the drive. I did take my shoes off but not my jacket!! Later, I did feel so much better I managed to unload what was in the car. Story of my life, these days.

I've been trying to find some really thick & cozy sweats not only for me but for the Ex - I'm living on cement & he on cement tiles. Walmart used to have several brands but now only sells those cheap, thin ones made in China. The fabric is about half the thickness I want & it pills really fast. Everywhere I've looked has cheap fabric! I want fleece to keep us WARM. I found a wholesaler on-line that has 'Fruit of the Loom' sweats in 4 weights!! The waist bands are sewn on THREE times & sizing goes from XP to 5X!! And there's kid's sizes too. Last week I got two pairs of pants in less than 10 days. They're so perfect for the Ex, I can't wait to give them to him. Nice & thick, well finished & just in time to stuff into his Christmas bag. Now to get some for ME.

Goth Kitty
I also fell down the yarn hole .  .  .  I got my order from Knit Picks, sigh. They have such great colors & I don't have to look for parking .  .  .  .  I got a couple of great buttons, one in a leaf shape & one in a toggle. But the real thing that caught my eye was the fingering weight sock yarns in Hopscotch - a happy mixture of pink, blue, pale yellow, purple, orange & white which I had to cast on immediately!!! And the ultimate - Goth Kitty - a sullen mix of pinks, plums & greys. What I thought was black is actually plum.


I also fell for a number of the other sock yarns on sale, most notably Lakeshore, a delicious blend of blues, white & grey. It will knit thicker socks than the fingering but I was thinking of larger needles & an asymmetrical shoulder covering instead .  .  .