Saturday, April 29, 2006


Today I'm gonna whine & winge about damn kids. Its a sad thing to say but you can always tell when a certain type of family moves into the neighborhood - you know the kind I mean. They never have much & always rent. Everyone's car is broken into within a month, some more than once & trash starts accumulating along favorite short-cuts. They're nomads who never live anywhere for very long & turn landlords mean . . . We have one in our neighborhood.
It was bad enough to come out & find my car open & rifled . . . even worse to find the old van broken into, the windshield broken, all the stuff stored inside strewn on the lawn & even the Boytoy's car stolen. But this morning I came out to find three of my biggest potted plants missing as well as the flat of little plants for the hanging baskets long gone. Now what in the world would they want with plants???? I would've willingly brained them this morning, left them bleeding or dead in the alley. I raised hell & threatened to take skateboard & bicycle as payment. What can you do?? There's no law in the land. And no punishment for these crimes.

Its a good thing I have yarn & needles & baby socks to knit . . . . .

Thursday, April 20, 2006


The BoyToy tells me its soooo simple to upload pictures to the net.
Just take the digital camera, plug one end of the cable into the camera & the other into the computer. Nice trick!! First of all, I didn't get a cable & second, I don't have a hole in the camera!! And I've checked it twice!!! The BoyToy's mother says to bring the card that the pictures are saved on over to her house - she has a new printer/scanner/fax gizmo that has a nice little slot for the card. The contents get uploaded to a file that gets emailed back to me.

BUT, I want the pictures NOW!!

So, I remembered my expensive cell phone.
There's only one reason they come with a damn camera & thats so you can take a pic & email it to someone. Dunno what it'll cost but I took the photos with my phone, emailed them to myself & VOILA . . . . pics of the 'Snotty' green & pink socks!! They don't look too bad with the 'bubblegum' pink toes but I'll be glad to see the end of them!! Hopefully, the new owner will be happy with them since she picked the color combination.

Granny Gail reports that her new Grandbaby has a ton of everything but SOCKS. Well, they came to the right people, didn't they??? Baby socks are a bit fiddly, especially picking up stitches along the heel flap but, they're a great way to use up all the leftovers!! I've finished this pair - Gail's finished a pair too & I'm almost finished another . . . . Ain't we having fun????!!!

I must be out of my mind. Not only is this the busiest time of the tax season, but now I've signed up for two courses at the Virtual U. And I'm trying to finish up a sweater . . . . hopefully, I'll get a pic of 'Ginny's' sweater up somewhere along the way. I'm about 6 inches down from where I joined at the underarm. When the midback & fronts are long enough, I start the side shaping - remember this sweater has a deep V at midback, midfront & at both sleeves. Apparently a triangle has to be knit under the arm to fill in on the left & right between the Vs.

And I still have to spin up enough yarn to make something for Show & Tell if Gail & I get to go to our spinning retreat in June . . . . . I may be knitting socks out of handspun while Gail drives this time!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Its tough to celebrate a birthday when you're too busy to think . . . . But, Gail sent me an invite to a morning Birthday Tea - turned out to be a yummy mocha instead, by the way - and we knit for an hour or so as well!! Got a lovely "Wool Bouquet" of dyed superwash roving to spin in pinks & chocolate brown called 'Its my Party' as well!! Gail said it called my name across the room . . . . . I believe that!! LOL Not sure what it will be when its spun up - I'm gonna think about it for a while first. I kind of like the way its wrapped, looks like a bouquet with the bottom tighly bound & the top spilling out in a burst of color. I think I'll just use it as a decoration for a while . . . . . . .

Finished my first baby sock for Freya today. Gad, working with something this small is a pain when you're used to larger items!! But, its really cute & uses up left-overs . . . . now to finish the other one. I've actually found quite a few little bits & pieces to make baby socks with - I sure hope her Mom likes 'fraternal' socks. Baby knitting is really fun. Takes so little yarn & time to knit them up - not like the chore of knitting a size 52 sweater, thats for sure!!

I noticed today that my 'hot flashes' or 'Power Surges' as the Tatla Socklady calls them, have decreased in quantity as well as intensity. Could it be the Selenium that was recommended to me??? Mmmmmm . . . I wonder?? I feel a little like Archie Bunker when Edith was going thru the "change". Okay world, I'm ready, CHANGE, lets get this over & done with. Sprout hairs on my chin, make my skin wrinkle & sag, take away my short-term memory, decrease my bladder to the size of a marble & move all my excess body weight to my stomach but lets get it over with tonite!!! I don't have time for all this crap!!!

You can tell I'm a little testy tonite . . . . I need a week OFF!! or a week to just SPIN!

Friday, April 14, 2006



GRANNY GAIL has just sent me this photo of her new best girl!! FREYA was born on Wednesday just after 6:00 in the PM.

My birthday is on Easter Sunday this year. I can only remember one other time my birthday fell on Easter weekend & I think I was 11 or 12 then . . . . my family had driven to Armstrong, BC for the holiday. My Mother's eldest sister lived there on a dairy farm with the biggest asparagus patch you ever saw. We loved the place with its huge hayloft, stumps to climb & all the cows to call home at night - I know now that they would come home by themselves but we thought we were important then. I remember Armstrong still had party lines then & wooden two-part phones that you cranked to call out . . . I sometimes think about what kinds of spinning, weaving & fibre prep tools were hidden away . . . . . Wish I could go back & claim them all!!

The Snotty Green socks have been transformed. I've added a couple of inches to the foot as well as finished the toes in SISU in a Candyfloss pink. They look great. I've just finished the first sock & am finishing up the second - I know if the lady who ordered these doesn't like them, the BoyToy's mom will! That woman will take anything in pink or turquoise - especially if I knit it up. I've also managed to add a couple of inches to my "Ginny's" sweater although its coming along slowly right now. I just don't have the time . . . . .

Tax season proceeds. While you folks are eating ham dinners & sneaking chocolate treats, I'll be finishing off year ends & tax returns. Remember the deadline - APRIL 30 . . . . . Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Twisted Sock . . . as ye knit, so shall ye rip!


Granny-in-waiting no longer!! Gail - my sock knitting cohort - is an official Granny!! Guess what we'll be knitting??? Baby is a girl, 7.6 pounds & everyone is delighted.

I dug out my really old baby books - you know the ones - the patterns are all in black & white & all the outfits come with leggings . . . but, they also have some really really cute sweaters with matching socks, mitts & hats which the modern knitting books seem to lack. Especially the socks!! I've already spotted a neat little lacey dress . . . so impractical . . . . but what the heck.

I even managed to get a little done on the snotty green & pink socks over the past couple of days at break time - I even managed to spin outside yesterday afternoon when it was so warm & nice . . . got a nice layer of color on my nose to prove it too!! I have a big bag of Coopworth roving bought last year & just waiting to be spun up. I have to admit though, silk & merino roving passes thru the sore hands & spins up soooooooooo much easier!!! Could this be a hint???

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The BoyToy & I make our own beer. Well . . . we manufacture it at the local UBrew. They provide the basic recipe, ingredients, warm room, cold room, filters, bottles & CO2 to carbonate it but we have to do the work. I love the yeasty smell of working beer & now - wonder of wonders - they have a MASH brewer. I was never a big beer fan & hardly ever drank wine but MASH beer is wonderful stuff!! Waited up last nite for the BoyToy to come home with the lastest offering to sample & ended up grilling steak at midnite before I could drink my share . . . but, it made a nice ending to a long day of data entry & tax returns.

Managed to get a few minutes of knitting time on my 'Ginnys' sweater. From the underarm down, its all plain knit in dark plum but with the deep V shaping accentuated by the different colors on the top. The sleeve stitches are all happily held on long circs & will also be plain knit from here on down. I've seen a couple of pictures of women modeling the sweater on my AmpleKnitters list & thought the sleeves were too long & much too bulky - sort of like they just knit straight down & then gathered the stitches together with a cuff!!! I picked up a few less stitches - left more stitches for the fronts where I need them - and intend to decrease a few stitches as I go. I'm thinking about a 3/4 sleeve but, I'll decide later.

Started yet another pair of socks for the BoyToy. He spotted the birthday socks I made with the narrow, solid, black stripe before the red toe on the black/white socks & wanted the same. So, I'm knitting all the left-overs up in the same color for him. I'll have to admit, the solid stripe really set off the toe nicely!!

Speaking of socks - its just about time to start thinking about Summer Socks for ME. I've got several balls of yarn with pinks & turquoises & purples in them, one even has a little black it it as well, so I guess we all know what my future pallett will be. I have relinquished by old loves - black, red & navy & gone to pinks, purples, turquoise & grey. I suppose its like giving up shoulder pads & heels for sneakers & sweats. Softer, softer, softer . . . . as you age. Bought myself a SCRUBS pattern last summer - but didn't get off my butt to sew. This year will be different. I may still get the cheeeepie sweats because they're comfy & have pockets but I intend to SEW some nice cool cotton tops in the sock colors!!

Still waiting for Granny-to-be Gail's phone call! The baby is due this weekend & everyone is camped by the phones!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Trapped in Tax Return Hell

Oh for the return of the interesting Tax Return!!
If I have to do this for a living, puleeeze give me the complicated, interesting ones that require the use of at least a portion of my brain!! Days of multiple, simple, single returns are sooooo boring! I'd rather be spinning or knitting . . . . I enjoy the challenge of the odd returns or the weird forms & situations . . . maybe I'm just weird.

Speaking of Brain Power . . .
I've added a new site to my "Favorites" - the Virtual University. For $20 USD a semester, you can take up to 4 courses from their list. Its hard not to find something worth taking . . . . . and its certainly cheap enough. Enjoy!!

I've been working on my 'Ginny's Sweater' when I take a break from the computer. I've decided I MUST retire that ratty old Fuschia sweater as its not fit to wear in public anymore . . . I admit to wrapping myself in it when I'm at home behind closed doors. It will take its place in the catbox for her to enjoy - BUT, first I must knit something to replace it.
I decided to knit 'Ginny's Sweater' by Medrith Glover who designs a lot of goodies for the larger body. Her designs always have an interesting twist & are very easy to knit. Several have been featured in 'Knitters' magazine.

This sweater is knit in one piece from the neck down & features a lovely V-shape at the middle of the back, on each arm & down the front. It was designed to use up all the left-overs in your stash & the V shape is very flattering! I have the remains of a couple of purple sweaters - lavender, plum & deep purple as well as a nifty ball or two of "designer" yarn in hot pink with turquoise bumps in it, fuschia boucle & a turquoise mohair. I thought they would all combine in an interesting yoke while leaving the main body in the deep purple. I'm knitting it in a plain stocking stitch with probably a garter cuff & hem. The biggest problem with the whole sweater is deciding just where to take off for the sleeves . . . .

Medrith also has a "Volumnous Vest"
knit in one piece from the bottom up on huge needles which I'd like to make for myself someday. Who knows, maybe in handspun . . . . She also has an Aran sweater that's knit in modular bits. Another project which might look great in handspun!!

And socks - yes, the girls agreed on Wednesday nite - the snotty green & pink socks will live once more on the needles!! Long enough anyway to get pale pink toes . . . . they may actually get sold! The Fibre Fest has saved the socks.
And, speaking of Fibre Fest - the lovely topknot I bought - turquoise, fuschia & plum - to go with the one I had in purple, tan & lavender, is all spun up!! I'm thinking it will eventually become a cowl for the fall. I may knit it up in a lace pattern to make it go farther but I think it will eventually warm my head & neck.

Sigh . . . time to get back to work . . . tax will not wait. After all, how else will we pay for the Olympics . . . . . .

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gone away, gone to Fibre Fest . . . .

Escaped the tax return hell in my office - I do like taxes but not the horrible volume!! - turned off the cell & went to Fibre Heaven.

I left most of my plastic, the chequebook & work behind! Took spinner, granny cart & small bag of fibre & arrived before the place opened with my friend Gail. We were determined NOT to spend money this year since we both have overflowing mounds of unspun fibre. She ended up buying a bench for her loom & I bought only 4 balls of yarn for toes & two small bags of co-ordinating colors for the plum/tan/lavender fibre I brought to spin. I found a topknot(100gms) in plum, turquoise & plum/turquoise/fuschia blend as well as a small bag of fuschia. There should be enough spun fibre to make a nice cowl for the fall . . . . . I've spun half of it up already!! Gail & I spent 7 hours, mostly spinning, & barely spent any money!!! We renewed acquaintances from the two spinning retreats of last year & had a great time.
My only negative comment is - I have to admit I was a little surprised that more of the local raw fibre venders were missing this year !! It seems to be becoming a commercial vender showcase . . . I hope I'm wrong.

I chose not to buy much this year because my "Open Concept" livingroom/kitchen now has a room divider made up of boxes & big baskets of fibre as well as a revolving library book rack & one 7 foot giraffe. Don't mock the Giraffe!! I fell in love the moment our eyes met across the crowded room . . . . . .

The snotty green & pink socks may yet be reserected!! Sisu has come out with new solid colors & I snagged a couple in a deep rose & a lighter pink. One of them HAS to work. I may yet get those damned socks finished & sold!!! Whoooo hoooo

Well, the dream has to end sometime & I now have to pay for my sins of yesterday . . . . the sun has finally decided to shine & I have to go to work!!! Sniffle . . . . whimper . . . . I just want to spin . . . .