Sunday, April 09, 2006


The BoyToy & I make our own beer. Well . . . we manufacture it at the local UBrew. They provide the basic recipe, ingredients, warm room, cold room, filters, bottles & CO2 to carbonate it but we have to do the work. I love the yeasty smell of working beer & now - wonder of wonders - they have a MASH brewer. I was never a big beer fan & hardly ever drank wine but MASH beer is wonderful stuff!! Waited up last nite for the BoyToy to come home with the lastest offering to sample & ended up grilling steak at midnite before I could drink my share . . . but, it made a nice ending to a long day of data entry & tax returns.

Managed to get a few minutes of knitting time on my 'Ginnys' sweater. From the underarm down, its all plain knit in dark plum but with the deep V shaping accentuated by the different colors on the top. The sleeve stitches are all happily held on long circs & will also be plain knit from here on down. I've seen a couple of pictures of women modeling the sweater on my AmpleKnitters list & thought the sleeves were too long & much too bulky - sort of like they just knit straight down & then gathered the stitches together with a cuff!!! I picked up a few less stitches - left more stitches for the fronts where I need them - and intend to decrease a few stitches as I go. I'm thinking about a 3/4 sleeve but, I'll decide later.

Started yet another pair of socks for the BoyToy. He spotted the birthday socks I made with the narrow, solid, black stripe before the red toe on the black/white socks & wanted the same. So, I'm knitting all the left-overs up in the same color for him. I'll have to admit, the solid stripe really set off the toe nicely!!

Speaking of socks - its just about time to start thinking about Summer Socks for ME. I've got several balls of yarn with pinks & turquoises & purples in them, one even has a little black it it as well, so I guess we all know what my future pallett will be. I have relinquished by old loves - black, red & navy & gone to pinks, purples, turquoise & grey. I suppose its like giving up shoulder pads & heels for sneakers & sweats. Softer, softer, softer . . . . as you age. Bought myself a SCRUBS pattern last summer - but didn't get off my butt to sew. This year will be different. I may still get the cheeeepie sweats because they're comfy & have pockets but I intend to SEW some nice cool cotton tops in the sock colors!!

Still waiting for Granny-to-be Gail's phone call! The baby is due this weekend & everyone is camped by the phones!!!

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