Saturday, April 29, 2006


Today I'm gonna whine & winge about damn kids. Its a sad thing to say but you can always tell when a certain type of family moves into the neighborhood - you know the kind I mean. They never have much & always rent. Everyone's car is broken into within a month, some more than once & trash starts accumulating along favorite short-cuts. They're nomads who never live anywhere for very long & turn landlords mean . . . We have one in our neighborhood.
It was bad enough to come out & find my car open & rifled . . . even worse to find the old van broken into, the windshield broken, all the stuff stored inside strewn on the lawn & even the Boytoy's car stolen. But this morning I came out to find three of my biggest potted plants missing as well as the flat of little plants for the hanging baskets long gone. Now what in the world would they want with plants???? I would've willingly brained them this morning, left them bleeding or dead in the alley. I raised hell & threatened to take skateboard & bicycle as payment. What can you do?? There's no law in the land. And no punishment for these crimes.

Its a good thing I have yarn & needles & baby socks to knit . . . . .

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