Friday, April 07, 2006

Trapped in Tax Return Hell

Oh for the return of the interesting Tax Return!!
If I have to do this for a living, puleeeze give me the complicated, interesting ones that require the use of at least a portion of my brain!! Days of multiple, simple, single returns are sooooo boring! I'd rather be spinning or knitting . . . . I enjoy the challenge of the odd returns or the weird forms & situations . . . maybe I'm just weird.

Speaking of Brain Power . . .
I've added a new site to my "Favorites" - the Virtual University. For $20 USD a semester, you can take up to 4 courses from their list. Its hard not to find something worth taking . . . . . and its certainly cheap enough. Enjoy!!

I've been working on my 'Ginny's Sweater' when I take a break from the computer. I've decided I MUST retire that ratty old Fuschia sweater as its not fit to wear in public anymore . . . I admit to wrapping myself in it when I'm at home behind closed doors. It will take its place in the catbox for her to enjoy - BUT, first I must knit something to replace it.
I decided to knit 'Ginny's Sweater' by Medrith Glover who designs a lot of goodies for the larger body. Her designs always have an interesting twist & are very easy to knit. Several have been featured in 'Knitters' magazine.

This sweater is knit in one piece from the neck down & features a lovely V-shape at the middle of the back, on each arm & down the front. It was designed to use up all the left-overs in your stash & the V shape is very flattering! I have the remains of a couple of purple sweaters - lavender, plum & deep purple as well as a nifty ball or two of "designer" yarn in hot pink with turquoise bumps in it, fuschia boucle & a turquoise mohair. I thought they would all combine in an interesting yoke while leaving the main body in the deep purple. I'm knitting it in a plain stocking stitch with probably a garter cuff & hem. The biggest problem with the whole sweater is deciding just where to take off for the sleeves . . . .

Medrith also has a "Volumnous Vest"
knit in one piece from the bottom up on huge needles which I'd like to make for myself someday. Who knows, maybe in handspun . . . . She also has an Aran sweater that's knit in modular bits. Another project which might look great in handspun!!

And socks - yes, the girls agreed on Wednesday nite - the snotty green & pink socks will live once more on the needles!! Long enough anyway to get pale pink toes . . . . they may actually get sold! The Fibre Fest has saved the socks.
And, speaking of Fibre Fest - the lovely topknot I bought - turquoise, fuschia & plum - to go with the one I had in purple, tan & lavender, is all spun up!! I'm thinking it will eventually become a cowl for the fall. I may knit it up in a lace pattern to make it go farther but I think it will eventually warm my head & neck.

Sigh . . . time to get back to work . . . tax will not wait. After all, how else will we pay for the Olympics . . . . . .

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