Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The weather is certainly strange around here - one day its summer & the next its late fall! Sun, rain, wind & damp . . . . . only the houseplants are enjoying this!! So, it seemed that soup should be on the agenda today. Lucky for me, I save bones for days like this . . . . . soup simmering, the spinning wheel turning, socks waiting while the printer is printing off reams of tax returns so I can honestly say "I'm working!" today.

I've been eyeballing that 3lb bag of Coopworth I bought at last year's Fibre Fest. I went for silk - yes, I did buy some wonderful hankies but I also fell for that cheap, gleamingly white, Coopworth. Its all the Socklady's fault!! She spotted it first & sent my friend Gail & I over to it . . . . yes, we can't resist a bargain! And I haven't spun an ounce of it yet . . . BUT . . . seems like a good project & I have some great dyes - just have to decide on whether to dye the wool before or after spinning. The colors are much nicer if spun after dyeing but so much easier to deal with if I spin it up first. Decisions, decisions.

The birthday socks are almost done! My hands have been so sore I haven't knit a whole lot in the last couple of weeks but I'm chipping away at them - they're in the black/white splotchy Confetti I like so much so I think I'll knit a solid small red stripe, then another in the Confetti & then the solid red toe to finish them off. I just have to monkey with things a little - never did like the plain old sock . . . . and my next ones are going to be lacey patterned ones for a change! I've spun up silk & wool in a purple blend which I think will be my next socks, not that many people get to see them in my orthopaedic sneakers but What the Hey!!

When I eventually figure out how to get photos onto this site, I'll publish pictures of all these socks!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Had a wonderful morning - well more or less -
sitting out in the sunshine with my latest sock. It started out badly but ended up very well for MOI. I was supposed to take the BoyToy's car to the mechanic out in the boonies to get the ignition & door locks replaced. The Boytoy's car was stolen last week & abandoned in a hotel parking lot about 30 miles away . . . . my mechanic has a field of junk cars with tons of parts!!! Anyhooo . . . I go out, attach the new plates - did I tell you they took the plates???, reattached the battery cable, got in the car & couldn't start it. The boys all assumed I could just jam a screwdriver into the big hole left by the thieves . . well, the thieves tore half the steering column apart & did something mysterious to the wires . . . . . I did NOT spend my childhood stealing cars & there were no 12 year olds around to hotwire the damn thing . . . . so, I took MY car to the mechanic & had shocks installed instead.

I looked into the mirror this morning & was quite surprised by all the color I got yesterday - gee, I even had on the #30 sunscreen moisturizer too!! But, what the heck, I can use the color - covers up the bags under my eyes from working too much & the spider veins in my cheeks from all the years when I DIDN'T use sunscreen!!

And on to fibery things . . . . I finally got a couple of handspun squares knit for another afghan. Problem is . . . getting them mailed!! Must remember to do it on Monday. I used some of the Polworth roving I got & spun up into a soft, soft, singles yarn. I had drizzled blue, yellow & just a touch of red dye onto the damp roving & microwaved it before spinning. I ended up with a really interesting vari-colored yarn that softly flows from shades of blue, green, browns & even a touch of red & orange - I'm NOT into earth colors but I'd love a sweater in Polworth that flows
like that!!!

I spent some time finishing up the merino/silk yarn I was spinning from the wonderful dyed rovings I bought at my first spinning retreat last summer. I have no idea what this wonderful stuff will become but I want to knit it up NOW. It may become squares that will be sewn together at a later date - I'm thinking about mitred squares actually . . . . I saw a nice short sleeved sweater in an old copy of SpinOff that was worked in a combination of mitred squares & garter stitch. It was knit in strips that ran from the waist in front, across the shoulder to the waist in back. Would probably be easy to scale UP considering the strips could be made wider or increased in number.

Notice the new Button on my site??? Encourage your men to knit!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

As the sock rips . . . .

I woke up this morning to the cheery sound of kids fighting & beating on something outside my open bedroom window . . . Ya gotta be kidding!!!! Its 6:40!!!!A.M.???? Who the heck let them out!! I know I have to get up but this is ridiculous . . . . . Is this a taste of summer to come??? Groan

Managed to drag myself off to knitting last nite although all I wanted to do was go home & fall on the couch. But, I did get there - just in time to teach our latest newby how to knit a Popcorn stitch pattern. I won't be surprised to see her come back next week with a Popcorn scarf or afghan knit up!! Its kinda fun to watch her go . . . The Birthday socks are coming along nicely but aren't going very quickly - my hands are killing me! Overuse & arthritis are really giving me hell - thank gawd for Tylenol Arthritis!!! I'm turning into a drug addict!!! The pills come first!! It used to be yarn but now, the pills come first!! Oh what a horrible thought . . . . .

Somehow, some time
before the middle of June, I have to create something useful for Show & Tell out of Handspun Yarn. I may have to dig thru all the odds & ends to knit some wild socks since thats the only thing I'll have time for . . . . Silk Socks anyone????

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


There's a hellova racket coming from the suite upstairs - kids screaming, running & bellowing. Just what I need atop my home office . . . why DO they let them loose this time of year?? Can we set up day camps to keep them confined??? Was I EVER that loud & obnoxious?? I know I'd've been boiled in oil if I'd used THAT language within earshot of an adult, thats for sure . . . now even 3 year olds use the F-word.

I need to be spinning or knitting . . . .
Whoooopie . . . . Its PI day!!

This is the day to fool around with mathmatical mysteries according to one e-card site which shall remain anonymous - hey, does charting a new sock pattern count???? . . . . I do send out cards occasionally to mark special times like MOVE OUT OR I'LL THROW YOU OUT, MY CONDOLENCES ON FROGGING YOUR SOCK YET AGAIN or HAPPY DIVORCE. I wonder if there's a Happy Tax Day or Heard You Finally Filed card??? I am so busy doing year ends, month ends & income tax that I'm surprised I know WHAT day it is . . . . And as for knitting?? Yeah, right . . . .

Well, the birthday socks are actually on the needles -
I have an inch of ribbing on them since my last post! Hey, in tax season, that's a lot!!! I watched Grey's Anatomy the other nite & I managed to get the ribbing started for both socks but nothing since then. The fingers are too sore & I'm too tired to spit when I get home. The grill stands at attention for meal time & I've discovered the joys of throwing asparagus & zucchini on it with the chicken or steak . . . . I'm too tired to do anything else.

The pink & snotty green socks are definitely history
unless I find another ball of the same wonderful combination. I'm thinking that lady will get socks in the purples & greys combo I bought at Christmas to knit my mechanic's mom a pair of socks. She adores purples & isn't a flashy person so I found this delightful combo - Confetti of course - which made lovely socks! I did get another ball of it & I have leftovers so it will make short socks easily.
The grey socks I knit for myself - grey with little blobs of red, green & blue - ended up too big in the foot. I don't know what I was thinking!!!! But, they fit the BT's dad perfectly. He intends to wear them to the next meeting of his ex-police cronies who all wear Walmart whites. He said he was going to sit with his legs crossed & pull up his pant leg just a little to show them off . . . .

Meanwhile - have I finished a sweater yet??? Oh Ye of little Faith - of course not!!! But, I'm thinking about all of them . . . & I do throw a round or two on the wild one with all the purples & pinks . . . . I'm not sure if the yarn is Woolease or Luzern from Sheepesjwool. I did find a ball band so I'm thinking its my old, old Luzern. Lovely yarn that . . . . I've recylced two sweaters & some leftover balls along with some hot pink boucle that has turquoise in it. Its knit in one piece from the top down & the colors are all in the yoke - the body will be one color. I don't need to look like a huge striped circus tent! Gawd knows, I'm large enough!

I'm off to a Spinning retreat in June & must bring a project in handspun. At the rate I'm going, it will be a Peter Heater or Thong. I really should knit some handspun socks since they're fast & easy but I can see me knitting something wild at the last minute . . . as usual. And I have to think up something for the gift exchange . . . . socks again I guess.

Who knows, maybe I'll grow extra hands somehow & knit whil
e I work . . . .

Friday, March 10, 2006

What IS all that white stuff doing in Lotus Land???

I could not believe my eyes on Wednesday when all that hail & snow came down! My rhubarb is up fer Gosh Sakes! And I was contemplating planting the early PEAS! I came home from my Sock-Knitting group & had to take in all the houseplants again . . . . . they've been outside most of the winter.

Gave up on the snotty green & pink socks. They look even worse with purple toes - hey, its really dark reddish plum - so I'm trashing them. Actually, I should just knit another stupid color onto them, finish the toes & enter them in the Sock contest at Fibre Fest at the end of the month for the Public judging! Probably get last place or WORST sock . . . . I pulled the needles from them & tossed them into the REJECT pile . . . . What WAS I thinking when I bought that yarn???? Obviously I was being cheap since I only bought one ball . . . . .

The Lord & Master's new blue socks are finished.
My pal Gail found a nice ball of dark red Kroy for the toes. They look absolutely smashing. He loves that splotchy dyed dark blue Confetti yarn - it almost feels thicker than some of the other yarns - & it looks great with a lot of other solid colors for toes. Now to cast-on for the next pair . . . I promised some birthday socks to another male pal! His will be in the black splotchy yarn with blue toes, I think. Then, & only then, I'm knitting some wild socks for ME.

I actually got out the Indian spinner the other evening! I spent Tuesday evening spinning merino/silk on it. I haven't had time to spin in a very long time & missed it. Too much work to do, too many socks to knit . . . . . too many excuses!! Spinning is sooooooo relaxing. It lowers the blood pressure like petting an animal or rocking a baby. I should make time more often . . . . and it would be nice to eventually own a pair of merino/silk socks . . . . .

Ahhhh . . . . . payroll is calling me, I have to get dressed & go out!! Grrrrrrr . . . . .

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday morning coming down . . . .

Oh the glories of unknit yarns in bins . . . purples, fuschias, reds, blues . . Thoughts of projects dancing in my head. I want everything. I don't need anything. But, I want it anyway. Temptation get behind me. But Temptation isn't listening. And I buy two more balls of Fortissima to quiet the Greedy Kid who wants it all. Bright summer socks in turquoise, pinks, greens & blues to go with my future summer shorts & tees. When I get the time to sew & knit that is . . . .

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I'm not sure where February went this year - usually I'm so broke I can't pay any bills or go anywhere so I stay home & knit. This year was different. Had to work, got paid, got to pay bills & had almost no time for knitting. Hey, whats wrong with just getting paid & spending time knitting??? Or, getting paid to knit????

The pink & snotty green socks are a pain in the butt. Nothing seems to co-ordinate with either color for toes. The figured stripe is some kind of off white & poopy brown. I can't really describe it except in terms of what you sometimes find in a diaper . . . I just know I won't easily find another ball of this color but I may have to try. There goes the profit!!! I'll be really happy to get these off the needles & off to the lady who wants them.

I am going to finish some kind of sweater for myself & to hell with socks for a month or two. Three different sweaters on the needles & not one is done!! Life is not fair. And its tax season to boot. And, I've joined the Gansey knitters on top of all that. I have Beth's book on Ganseys & the gang have been doing knit-alongs of all the patterns in the book. They're just starting a top-down sampler which I'm going to follow & Grace's Cardigan - which I love - is being knit at the same time. I'm able to get instructions for a 56" chest from the ListDad. I'm going to try it out in my favorite Screaming Raspberry Dalesman wool from Birkeland Brothers - hopefully it will knit to tension!!