Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whoooopie . . . . Its PI day!!

This is the day to fool around with mathmatical mysteries according to one e-card site which shall remain anonymous - hey, does charting a new sock pattern count???? . . . . I do send out cards occasionally to mark special times like MOVE OUT OR I'LL THROW YOU OUT, MY CONDOLENCES ON FROGGING YOUR SOCK YET AGAIN or HAPPY DIVORCE. I wonder if there's a Happy Tax Day or Heard You Finally Filed card??? I am so busy doing year ends, month ends & income tax that I'm surprised I know WHAT day it is . . . . And as for knitting?? Yeah, right . . . .

Well, the birthday socks are actually on the needles -
I have an inch of ribbing on them since my last post! Hey, in tax season, that's a lot!!! I watched Grey's Anatomy the other nite & I managed to get the ribbing started for both socks but nothing since then. The fingers are too sore & I'm too tired to spit when I get home. The grill stands at attention for meal time & I've discovered the joys of throwing asparagus & zucchini on it with the chicken or steak . . . . I'm too tired to do anything else.

The pink & snotty green socks are definitely history
unless I find another ball of the same wonderful combination. I'm thinking that lady will get socks in the purples & greys combo I bought at Christmas to knit my mechanic's mom a pair of socks. She adores purples & isn't a flashy person so I found this delightful combo - Confetti of course - which made lovely socks! I did get another ball of it & I have leftovers so it will make short socks easily.
The grey socks I knit for myself - grey with little blobs of red, green & blue - ended up too big in the foot. I don't know what I was thinking!!!! But, they fit the BT's dad perfectly. He intends to wear them to the next meeting of his ex-police cronies who all wear Walmart whites. He said he was going to sit with his legs crossed & pull up his pant leg just a little to show them off . . . .

Meanwhile - have I finished a sweater yet??? Oh Ye of little Faith - of course not!!! But, I'm thinking about all of them . . . & I do throw a round or two on the wild one with all the purples & pinks . . . . I'm not sure if the yarn is Woolease or Luzern from Sheepesjwool. I did find a ball band so I'm thinking its my old, old Luzern. Lovely yarn that . . . . I've recylced two sweaters & some leftover balls along with some hot pink boucle that has turquoise in it. Its knit in one piece from the top down & the colors are all in the yoke - the body will be one color. I don't need to look like a huge striped circus tent! Gawd knows, I'm large enough!

I'm off to a Spinning retreat in June & must bring a project in handspun. At the rate I'm going, it will be a Peter Heater or Thong. I really should knit some handspun socks since they're fast & easy but I can see me knitting something wild at the last minute . . . as usual. And I have to think up something for the gift exchange . . . . socks again I guess.

Who knows, maybe I'll grow extra hands somehow & knit whil
e I work . . . .

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Lynne said...

which spinning retreat mid June? tulahead?