Sunday, March 26, 2006


Had a wonderful morning - well more or less -
sitting out in the sunshine with my latest sock. It started out badly but ended up very well for MOI. I was supposed to take the BoyToy's car to the mechanic out in the boonies to get the ignition & door locks replaced. The Boytoy's car was stolen last week & abandoned in a hotel parking lot about 30 miles away . . . . my mechanic has a field of junk cars with tons of parts!!! Anyhooo . . . I go out, attach the new plates - did I tell you they took the plates???, reattached the battery cable, got in the car & couldn't start it. The boys all assumed I could just jam a screwdriver into the big hole left by the thieves . . well, the thieves tore half the steering column apart & did something mysterious to the wires . . . . . I did NOT spend my childhood stealing cars & there were no 12 year olds around to hotwire the damn thing . . . . so, I took MY car to the mechanic & had shocks installed instead.

I looked into the mirror this morning & was quite surprised by all the color I got yesterday - gee, I even had on the #30 sunscreen moisturizer too!! But, what the heck, I can use the color - covers up the bags under my eyes from working too much & the spider veins in my cheeks from all the years when I DIDN'T use sunscreen!!

And on to fibery things . . . . I finally got a couple of handspun squares knit for another afghan. Problem is . . . getting them mailed!! Must remember to do it on Monday. I used some of the Polworth roving I got & spun up into a soft, soft, singles yarn. I had drizzled blue, yellow & just a touch of red dye onto the damp roving & microwaved it before spinning. I ended up with a really interesting vari-colored yarn that softly flows from shades of blue, green, browns & even a touch of red & orange - I'm NOT into earth colors but I'd love a sweater in Polworth that flows
like that!!!

I spent some time finishing up the merino/silk yarn I was spinning from the wonderful dyed rovings I bought at my first spinning retreat last summer. I have no idea what this wonderful stuff will become but I want to knit it up NOW. It may become squares that will be sewn together at a later date - I'm thinking about mitred squares actually . . . . I saw a nice short sleeved sweater in an old copy of SpinOff that was worked in a combination of mitred squares & garter stitch. It was knit in strips that ran from the waist in front, across the shoulder to the waist in back. Would probably be easy to scale UP considering the strips could be made wider or increased in number.

Notice the new Button on my site??? Encourage your men to knit!!

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