Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Monday

Woohoo. I survived the week. I left messages on a couple of phones saying I would be borrowing money for the bills when I get mobile because I just don't have the strength to go to work right now. Got up at 7 yesterday, rounded up all the dirty socks, undies & towels - I haven't been dressed in anything but a ratty Tee & shorts all week but I ran out of socks & undies - threw em all in the wash! I had to go to bed around 2 because I was exhausted. Stop scratching your head - you don't understand. I have to wash all the cups & glasses in the sink, clear the counter, pull out the washer, drag it to the kitchen sink, attach it to the spout, load it, unload it, un-attach it, drag it back to its corner when its done working & then plug in the dryer where the washer plugged in & put small loads of wet clothes into it. Socks get hung up in pairs. I rounded up all the boxes & bags of used cushie TP, tied them up & stacked for easy disposal on Monday, garbage day. Took a shower & went back to bed for 4 hours! Food?? too damned tired. Got up & ate three bananas. Dryer's still plugged in so I can't use the stove & who cares anyway. I want Won Ton Soup & don't have any. Drank 96 ounces of peach iced Tea while I watched TV & fell into bed before midnight. Oh, and I managed to turn the heel on the current Birthday sock. Production.

Got up Monday morning. Chest so gluey I couldn't stop trying to cough. I was like an old lawnmower that you have to pull start 100 times to get it going. When everything finally caught, someone ripped out part of a lung with that last yank . . . & I was exhausted all over again. Nope, this ain't pneumonia yet but if I don't get that crap moving, it will be. Been trying to sit up as many hours as I can so I DON'T get pneumonia but it's been tough. Finally got my ass in gear & went to the drugstore to buy the MUCUS REMOVER. Bloody terrible tasting stuff. By the time I got home, I was ready for bed once more. Woo Hoo. So, I managed to file 13 T5018s(contractor's earnings) & 1 T4 today, go to the drugstore And put out the garbage.
I Am SO TIRED of this!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kicked in the Butt

I've spent the last four days flat on my back wishing I was dead. It isn't a
flu bug - it's a nasty cold. Nothing hurts except my chest, sinuses, nose & itchy dripping eyes. One day I was perfectly fine & in the night I woke up with this nasty crap. After pawing through my bathroom drawers, I came up with TWO night time COLD capsules - the day ones were all gone, FOUR pouches of NeoCitran that expired in 2002 & one NeoCitran cough strip that expired in 2006. Fat lot of good that stuff did! Can't go out to buy more because I look like I've been through the wars!! And I can't shut off my nasal drip except when everything suddenly backs up, blocks my sinuses completely, gives me a sneezing attack & shuts my bloodshot eyes which constantly run. Thank gawd for the 48 rolls of cushy, soft toilet tissue which has been a whole lot kinder to my nose than boxed tissue. I'm treating the cough - which feels like someone's tearing out my lung - with hot tea laced with Bailey's. The alcohol relaxes the cough & the liquid seems to soothe everything else. I just hope the Bailey's lasts for the duration!!! Donations can be left outside the door . . . .

I have to say I've felt so bad that I haven't felt like working on anything until today. Maybe that's a sign! But,this morning, I started on the heel of a sock I started last we
ek. And that's SLOW for me. I promised cuffs to my buddy Bryan at work & the socks are the Boss's birthday present. Bryan, Chris & I all have birthdays in April or the first week of May. Both of the boys want more socks. Chris only has the one pair & I hear he keeps washing them out so he can wear them again the next day. I'll have to make sure he gets a couple more pairs. Bryan has several pairs but has hinted about more & Diane, our other instructor, will take any & all I produce. My work is cut out for me!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Monkey Always Wins

This is not an entry about Crafting although I'm working on another pair of plain men's socks. This one is about the things I'm doing to improve my brain.

I've never been much of a breakfast lover even as a young kid - I'm not much improved as an old adult but I AM getting better. I prefer to eat around 11AM. I know you need the morning fuel to use your brain efficiently but putting anything but liquid in my face in the morning gags me. But, I've learned I NEED to eat in the morning for my brain!

I joined Luminosity to improve my brain. Luminosity has a whole whack of torturous little games you play on a regular basis to improve Memory, Spatial Relationships, Problem Solving, Language Building etc. Just five per session, takes about 10 minutes. Like Name Tag for instance. You're shown pictures of people & given their first names. The pictures & name tags are then turned over & you play Go Fish. You turn over one name tag & one picture at a time until they're all matched. You start with two or three & work up to nine. When I started Name Tag, I had problems remembering who was who. Now I can usually whip them off in no time - mind you, I've grown to know them. But I AM better. I'm getting better at finding my way through a Maze with Monsters because I can remember where they are most of the time. But, one game really drives me crazy. It's called Top Chimp & the Monkey always wins! You go one on one with the Monkey. Each time you are shown a group of numbers from 1 to 9 & you have to get them in order from smallest to largest. You get to chose the number of numbers each round. But the program chooses the time you get to look at them. Time is the problem. Each round shows you the time you get to look at the numbers so you can choose to add or subtract the amount. My problem is that my eyes don't even SEE most of the numbers when they're flashed on the board. So the Monkey always wins.

What's all this got to do with breakfast??
you ask. Well, I didn't realize how much difference food makes until I started playing Luminosity games. I can do the same series of games before breakfast & after breakfast & SEE with my own eyes, the difference it makes. I always thought I did my best brain work in the morning when I don't want to talk to anyone & exercised my people skills more after lunch when I wanted to socialize. Turns out that I'm just bitchier in the morning because I haven't eaten!! LOL I've proved it to myself in my scores on the Games. That was the first eye opener. The second is the progress I've made in memory & name recall. My graph looks like the Stock Market - there's ups & downs all over the place but overall, I've doubled my scores over the last few months! As you age, you don't lose memories, you lose the ability to access them when you want them. They're all filed away in there but the drawer either won't open or the filing system is out of whack. So I've learned that I have to eat breakfast & keep on Memory Training. After all, if you don't use it, you lose it & the Monkey wins . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All in a Day

I've been missing for a couple of weeks. I've been coughing, wheezing & sneezing again. It's a curious thing, but every spring a couple of weeks after I start back at the Motorcycle School, I get the Spring Crud. I figure it's exposure to Kid Germs. I get it approximately two weeks after the Motorcycle Show when Bryan & I are back working together around the beginning of February after working alone for two months. I got a similar bug last September, a couple of weeks after his kid started school. So I figure it's Kid Germs.

The big problem with Kid Germs
is that they give me the neverending Cough. You've heard th
e commercial for the 3 Week Cough?? That's me. Add the rustic commercial yarn I'm using & I have a problem that seems to go on forever. I really like Briggs & Little yarns but they're dusty. And they shed little bits into the air as I knit. I'd forgotten about that fact until I decided to knit the Poncho Pullover. I wheeze, sneeze & hack when I'm working on it! I have to take Benadryl in order to finish knitting this darned sweater! If I had any brains at all, I'd work on it over the summer when I'm sitting outside on the patio but, NO, I want to wear the thing NOW. I'm moving rapidly to the arms but didn't use my head when I started the darker blue. I should've put another red stripe in or started it right below the red . . . . now, there's so many stitches on the needle that I really don't want to rip it back. And the actual color is a little darker than the photo. Handspun yarns are looking better & better all the time . . .

Thursday, February 02, 2012

We're Wet & Moldy

Wow, with the weather being so changeable on the Wet Coast - we've gone from sub-zero to snow to slush-on-ice to Spring-is-coming - all in the space of a couple of weeks!! I work part time for Action Motorcycle School - yes, if you've ever wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, come & take the course!!! - and the weather was so bad for the
annual Motorcycle Show two weekends ago that most people didn't come. Seriously - if you've been dreaming of riding & live in the Vancouver burbs, give us a call. Training won't guarantee you a license, no one can, but it will guarantee a SAFER experience. And you'll probably see my socks on a couple of the Instructors!!

But, back to the weather - as usual, it's our changeable weather that makes knitted sweaters so necessary in our climate but so hard to gauge. Right now I'm knitting away on my Arvik Ribbons sweater, using the Ribbons-o-Round pattern from Knitter's. It's light & airy - it has another colored stripe since this was taken - but warm since it's woolen spun with not too much twist so it holds air for insulation. That's all fine & good but if the wind blows or a downpour occurs, I'll freeze & soak my butt!! What I need right now is something in a good worsted wool that will keep me warm when the wind blows or mostly dry when the rain comes pelting down. Why oh why didn't I knit an Indian Sweater for myself instead of someone else?? Or another Wonderful Wallaby in wool for me??? Or get it in gear with the Poncho Pullover??
This brings me back to unfinished projects
- I'm a great starter but a lousy finisher. This is why I knit socks. They're small, portable & done before I get bored. Unless they're black, grey, brown or one solid color - then I get bored really, really fast. Because I'm a Starter, I have three sweaters on the go for myself & nothing to wear. So, you heard it here folks. Arvik, which is a couple of rows from the armhole shaping, will become my new car knitting - it's been going to Bucks for a couple of weeks anyway - and I'll get myself back to the barely started Poncho Pullover while I watch TV - if I have TV after this week. Maybe, I'll actually have TWO sweaters this year??? Since I have to recharge the camera before I can take any new pics, you'll just have to look at the old ones . . .