Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All in a Day

I've been missing for a couple of weeks. I've been coughing, wheezing & sneezing again. It's a curious thing, but every spring a couple of weeks after I start back at the Motorcycle School, I get the Spring Crud. I figure it's exposure to Kid Germs. I get it approximately two weeks after the Motorcycle Show when Bryan & I are back working together around the beginning of February after working alone for two months. I got a similar bug last September, a couple of weeks after his kid started school. So I figure it's Kid Germs.

The big problem with Kid Germs
is that they give me the neverending Cough. You've heard th
e commercial for the 3 Week Cough?? That's me. Add the rustic commercial yarn I'm using & I have a problem that seems to go on forever. I really like Briggs & Little yarns but they're dusty. And they shed little bits into the air as I knit. I'd forgotten about that fact until I decided to knit the Poncho Pullover. I wheeze, sneeze & hack when I'm working on it! I have to take Benadryl in order to finish knitting this darned sweater! If I had any brains at all, I'd work on it over the summer when I'm sitting outside on the patio but, NO, I want to wear the thing NOW. I'm moving rapidly to the arms but didn't use my head when I started the darker blue. I should've put another red stripe in or started it right below the red . . . . now, there's so many stitches on the needle that I really don't want to rip it back. And the actual color is a little darker than the photo. Handspun yarns are looking better & better all the time . . .


Louisa said...

I know it's another few steps but I would skein up the yarn and wash it before knitting with it. It would sure be better than trying to knit under the influence of antihistamines!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I seriously thought about it, I really did. But, guess what?? I spent hours winding those damned skeins into centre-pull balls! And I just don't want to do it again even though I should've when I could've.