Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Monday

Woohoo. I survived the week. I left messages on a couple of phones saying I would be borrowing money for the bills when I get mobile because I just don't have the strength to go to work right now. Got up at 7 yesterday, rounded up all the dirty socks, undies & towels - I haven't been dressed in anything but a ratty Tee & shorts all week but I ran out of socks & undies - threw em all in the wash! I had to go to bed around 2 because I was exhausted. Stop scratching your head - you don't understand. I have to wash all the cups & glasses in the sink, clear the counter, pull out the washer, drag it to the kitchen sink, attach it to the spout, load it, unload it, un-attach it, drag it back to its corner when its done working & then plug in the dryer where the washer plugged in & put small loads of wet clothes into it. Socks get hung up in pairs. I rounded up all the boxes & bags of used cushie TP, tied them up & stacked for easy disposal on Monday, garbage day. Took a shower & went back to bed for 4 hours! Food?? too damned tired. Got up & ate three bananas. Dryer's still plugged in so I can't use the stove & who cares anyway. I want Won Ton Soup & don't have any. Drank 96 ounces of peach iced Tea while I watched TV & fell into bed before midnight. Oh, and I managed to turn the heel on the current Birthday sock. Production.

Got up Monday morning. Chest so gluey I couldn't stop trying to cough. I was like an old lawnmower that you have to pull start 100 times to get it going. When everything finally caught, someone ripped out part of a lung with that last yank . . . & I was exhausted all over again. Nope, this ain't pneumonia yet but if I don't get that crap moving, it will be. Been trying to sit up as many hours as I can so I DON'T get pneumonia but it's been tough. Finally got my ass in gear & went to the drugstore to buy the MUCUS REMOVER. Bloody terrible tasting stuff. By the time I got home, I was ready for bed once more. Woo Hoo. So, I managed to file 13 T5018s(contractor's earnings) & 1 T4 today, go to the drugstore And put out the garbage.
I Am SO TIRED of this!!

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