Friday, June 23, 2017

A Full Sized Fridge

Tomorrow I get a new fridge. Several years ago my second hand fridge went 'kapuzt' in the middle of the night. Yeah, left me with a frozen freezer side, a warm fridge side & a puddle out front. I was clumping along on crutches at the time, barely able to get off the throne by myself & the fridge dies. Good thing I had an almost empty beer fridge!! It took me a year to finish cleaning out that fridge since my knee didn't want to bend to get into it. And then it took me another two years before I had enough money to live on, so I made do with the small fridge. You just go shopping more often & buy smaller sizes like the Europeans do. That's all. But, on Saturday, the old crapper is being hauled away & a lovely white fridge is being dropped in it's place!! It will be so nice to buy a large jug of milk again & fill up the veggie containers with chopped veggies, ready to go. I have to find the ice cube trays for cold drinks once more. It's amazing how exciting it is to get a full size fridge again. Woopie - where are the magnets????

No socks were completed in the last couple of weeks although I'm gartering my way through a big tote bag of expensive wooly sample yarn mostly in tan, beige, brown & rust. It could've been a display or two because I have several balls of the same yarn in a variety of colors. Or several little balls of European Eyelash yarn. There's enough yarn to make a child's stripey sweater but it's not machine washable. It's too thick for socks or lace shawls. I don't think it would work well for mittens but might for scarves. I was going to knit a heavy shawl but decided it would work best as a comfy blanket knitted on 5.5mm needles that a woman & two little dogs could cuddle up under on cold winter evenings after the farm animals are put to bed.

I'm also working on a new 'house sweater' for me!! Yeah, I decided to use my "Need a Plus Cardigan" from Cabin Fever, pattern book & just knit a simple, top down, garter sweater. It works up fast in garter stitch & I'm just about ready to check the length before taking off the stitches for the arms.  I fell for this colorway when I saw it but didn't want to buy a lot since it's 100% acrylic. I wish I had bought more since it feels a little crispy like linen & washes well. And boy, do I love that color!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Banging on the Keys

Time sure speeds along when you're busy!! Suddenly it's the weekend & I have nothing much to report - as usual.
I haven't finished the socks-in-progress  - they spend most of their time out in the hot car as 'Car Knitting' & I haven't been waiting in the car lately so they still aren't finished.  The yarn for the Dragon Cowl is sitting on my desk, next to the keyboard, so it won't get forgotten!!
Beachcomber Shawl
I've fallen in love with the Shawl on the front of the latest Knit Picks advertisement. It's made out of bright, summery, cotton. Crafter Cotton. You know the stuff - we all knit & crochet those big dish/wash cloths. Someone has made a summer shawl out of the stuff. I mean, how appropriate. Throw it on over a swim suit, snuggle under it on the patio, throw it over your shoulders when out in a sun dress, toss it into the wash with your shorts & undies. I think it's one of the most appealing items I've seen lately. And I'm not even a shawl person!!! I think even the cat would love this one though.

Meanwhile, back at the Office, I've been working on sorting & adding up paperwork for another small disaster so I can file 6 years worth of taxes for a guy with a truck. I do this a lot. Small bookkeepers like me get the stuff the big Accounting offices don't want or won't do. Oh, they'll take your stuff but they'll 'get to it ' when they can .   .   .   maybe. Mostly they contract it out. Or look at it when CRA sends the final notice. As long as I'm not rushed, I don't mind a whole lot. After all, I can work all night if I want, in my pajamas if I want & listen to the latest British detective audiobook. Last night, I ate dinner at midnight & worked until almost 5 this morning. It was quiet & peaceful until the damned crows started cawing. Last night I listened to The Chessmen. It's the third book in The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May. Former Detective Fin McLeod grew up on Harris where the weather is harsh & the religion even harsher. He's now divorced, become the head of security for a private estate on the Isle & ends up investigating murders peculiar to the ingrown community. An excellent series that I highly recommend.