Monday, August 24, 2015

Socks, Socks, Socks

I finished the first sock in my test knit. It's been years since I really followed anyone's pattern for socks other than the one in my head. Well, that's a lie, I AM still working on the Arrowhead lace socks from the Spin Off Socks book but I cast them on a couple of years ago .   .   .  and I DID try SKEW from Knitty like everyone else when it hit the net a couple of years ago too but I have YET to finish either sock. I WILL eventually, finish the Arrowhead lace because I have two pairs of my best Addi circs in each sock!!! But, as I was saying - normally, I use the pattern in my head to knit socks. Test Knitting sounds easy but it isn't - not when you have to use someone else's sock pattern 100%. Especially when you're supposed to report any problems, not fix them & carry on.

But, I finished the first sock. I only tinked it in a couple of places & ripped out the ribbing twice. But, I finished it. I did modify the sock because I wanted a longer foot so I shortened the leg to make sure I had enough yarn. I did not know the yardage of the wound cake but knew there was enough yarn for the pair as written in the pattern. I'm almost to the heel shaping on the second sock but am having no problems this time around. The heel itself is a simple garter heel with short rows. The pattern is easy to memorize & easy to follow with or without the chart - which is all I can say until the pattern is released for sale.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Middle of August

Can you believe it??? It's the middle of August & the 'Back to School' mobs are on the move in the malls. I tried to buy a couple of packages of paper in Staples on Saturday - OMG - I backed out & vowed to come back on a Monday or Tuesday morning instead!! The place was mobbed. I hate shopping this time of year but, the bargains are tremendous. I buy paper by the box, pencil leads by the 12 pack & big D-ring binders at close to half price during 'Back to School'. Even some software is very cheap but, oh, the pain of crowds, whining kids & long line-ups.

Finished the wild Regia socks that I had on the go & cast-on another pair in a rather scruffy 4 ply green/blue/red/white stripe that I had in the bottom of my bin. Looks like a cat or dog chewed on part of a ball but there's still plenty to knit a pair of short socks. If not, I'll put a solid colored toe on them. 4 ply is lovely for winter. It's much warmer than 3 ply when you live on unheated cement floors.

I volunteered to test knit a sock design. I got a lovely, squishy merino/nylon yarn with it. It looked much too fine in the cake for the recommended needle size - the Designer even wound the skein into a centre-pull cake for me - but once I started knitting, it became loftier than expected. I have to confess that I've never used a chart to knit a pattern before, I've always followed the written description. But, the pattern is so well charted & so easy to knit that I've had no problems at all. I even learned a new heel method in the process.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

At it Again

I'm at it again. Yes, the sock thing. I had planned on taking a summer sock project to the hospital with me because they make you hurry up to get there - a couple of hours EARLY - and then make you wait for surgery. So, rather than work up a nervous sweat, I thought I might as well take a project to work on. I like to get the cuff out of the way before I go - especially if I'm going to be interrupted or have to stuff it in a locker. I could use another couple of pairs of short, summer socks anyway, so these ones were on my needles for last Friday. The yarn is Regia - in their Brazil line of colors. I think every color in this yarn goes with a pair of shorts or a tee in my closet.

I'm using my usual cable cast-on, cuff down, heel with knitted gussets as you go & simple decreased toe with a three needle bindoff. I can make these socks in my sleep.

When these socks are finished, I have a sock test knit to do. Can't tell anyone anything about it until the pattern is published but I promise pictures when that happens. Then, I have to get my butt in gear for Fall. I have a couple of kid sized Wallabies to knit out of acrylic & then a Blue Wallaby in wool. Then it's on to touques for the charity box. Luckily for the homeless this year, I have a ton of black acrylic - my least favorite fibre in the world. Although I think wool would be a better choice, no one will accept them because they can't be washed in a laundromat. Curses.