Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've joined an On-Line yarn club. This is not something I normally do 'cause my pocketbook is always bare since I left my working husband for a mostly unemployed BoyToy. It was LUST that made me do it - oh, not the BoyToy but the Yarn Club! The BT was an accidental acquisition, the Club was not. After all, how can you resist something called The Seven Deadly Spins???? Every two months a package will arrive with a project based on one of the Original Sins. And I need some SIN in my life right about now.

Gluttony is the first Sin package. We had to complete a poem about our stash to start it all off . . . & apparently we also get to chat on Ravelry as well as on our Blog on Blogspot!! I think this is the most exciting thing I've done for myself in eons!! I'm really looking forward to the package arriving next month!! I even had almost enough money left in my Paypal account to pay for it!!

I'll post more about the projects as I get them & include a photo of them as well. In the meantime, Ginny's right hip triangle is almost finished & I'm still contemplating the finishing. I had an idea for that actually . . . when I bought the Denise needles I love so much, I also bought the longest cable they sold. I could pick up all the stitches down the fronts & across the bottom & knit them all in one go. And knit a collar afterwards - I'm sort of leaning toward a seed stitch finish. I have until the Gluttony package arrives to get it done because I just know I'll want to do the first project chop chop!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I hear It's over

Another Day, another Dollar! The noise level at the grocery store has decreased so I guess Valentine's Day is over for another year. There was so much moaning going on the other day, it was almost palpable! I think the guilt about Valentine's is almost as high as it is at Christmas for everyone in a 'relationship'. And I just don't understand it at all. The only significant thing about Valentine's Day to me is that it's one day before the Employee Remittances have to be paid. Oh well, I guess it's safe to say I'm not a 'romantic'.

The right hip triangle on my 'Ginny' is almost finished. Yes, Virginia, I WAS working on it again last night. I have to confess that I stopped to knit yet another stretchy scarf from Dollar Store fur yarn in pink & white this time but, it was for a good cause. The BT's mom asked me to knit her granddaughter another scarf - cheeky woman, she'd already bought the yarn!!! As usual, I forgot to take a photo of the darned thing . . . . . but, it was a froth of strawberries & cream!!
And then I went back to 'Ginny'. Not looking forward to the trim finish but, maybe I'll have it on my back in a week or two . . . .

Gail emailed me this morning to congratulate me on winning some OPAL sock yarn from Ladybug Yarns for entering my sock pictures.
I knit these two pairs from one ball of OPAL purchased by my knitting pal, Laura. To make it stretch - I used every scrap of the yarn in these cuff-down socks - I made the toes a solid color. Laura bought several balls of 'toes' yarn without having the main color on hand. I think she did a terrific job in matching the colors, don't you???

I also entered the yellow socks at the top. I knit two pairs of them out of one ball of OPAL, one entirely in the main color & one with a solid yellow toe. Yellow is beloved by the BT's mom - actually, I think she'd take anything off the needles - so I knit these up for her to go with her brown pants. Lucky for both of us, she likes short socks that come just to the ankle so she usually gets more socks out of the deal!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cause I damwell didn't feel like it.

Okay, okay, so I'm a dirty dawg for not posting more often BUT, I just haven't felt sociable lately. I don't want to be nice to anyone. I don't want to be helpful. I don't want to go anywhere. My hands have been hurting me, especially the wrists & several finger joints. I just want to curl up with a couple of books, a comfy blankey & a big bag of salty Ripple chips. It must be a hormonal thing. Or, perhaps it's the buildup before the tax storm, I dunno. I haven't felt like posting to this bloody rag neither . . . .

So, now that I've got my butt in gear, I have to confess that I haven't knit a single stitch on Arvik lately either. BUT, I have been working on the other hip triangle in my Ginny sweater & it's just about finished. The trim will be the absolute worst though, I have to pick up stitches all around the neck, down both fronts & across the whole bottom . . . . . I'm thinking of crocheting the whole thing. A couple of rows of single crochets should go quickly, hide any nasty edges & give it just a little class. I hope.

And then there's my latest bunch of new born socks. I'll have to admit they're actually fun & ever so cute. I think about the little ones who'll be wearing them & the new moms who'll be admiring them & it cheers me up somewhat. I am hoping to send two dozen pairs this time around - I only managed 19 pairs last fall with all the gift knitting! These little socks have feet that're 2.5 to 3 inches long. I fold the tops over so they're even cuter. I may get out the 2mm needles - these are the 2.25mm ones - & make a couple of pairs even smaller. I've been starting off with 28 stitches, using 15 for the heel with 8 increases on each side for the gusset. I short row the centre stitches so that I have 4 markers on each side before turning the heel. I decrease the toe down to 12 stitches. This is a really good way to use up all the little bits left over from all the socks I've knit over the past few years although I have made a couple of pairs of Frankensocks.

Speaking of Frankensocks, I found about 10 or 11 little balls & one that looks like almost half a big ball of the BT's favorite black/white splotchy Confetti in the leftovers bag. I do believe - if he's a very good boy - NOT - that I might get one last pair out of the leftovers!! I think these ones will get the PINK toes . . . . . . hehehe, snort, snicker, hahah