Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I wish I were a harlot

I've been piddling along on my Kroy socks - I'm growing to really, really dislike my lovely Harmony circs ! ! Why?? you ask - well, they used to be wonderful. So shiny & smooth & warm in the hand but I recently had one replaced because the cord had pulled loose. And the replacement isn't much better - the finish is not the same, it's dull & draggy. The metal collar doesn't quite line up with the wooden needle or the cord & there's now TWO rough spots instead of the one I had before I got a replacement! I wish I'd kept the old one & tried to fix it. Knitpicks doesn't seem too interested in  quality control any more! And, rather than spend more money with them, I'm looking for something else. I know I'd like the needles made by Signature but I can never afford them, even when they make needles in sock sizes. Dyak doesn't make anything in US#! yet even if I could afford them too. Addis?? I'd like wood, I prefer wood but it's an option. I suppose I could go back to DPs but they're a pain in the car which is why I went to circs in the first place. Whine, whine, moan, moan. This is no way to get socks made up for the winter! I remember when it was so simple - buy DPs in wood, metal or plastic. End of story. I guess there's just too many choices.

So, I've piddled along on my socks. I haven't even finished one pair in the last two weeks. I AM  approaching the toes on the second sock of the pair I was working on last time but that's about it. I wish I was a Harlot & could whip out a pair of patterned socks in two evenings & half a day while doing 100 loads of laundry & churning out vegetarian meals for my family. I wish I could knit 40 miles an hour like she can - have you seen the YouTube of her knitting??? The woman is a knitting machine!!! It's enough to make anyone else give up knitting.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Always a Sock Knitter

I couldn't help myself & dropped everything to get my Birthday Kroy socks on the needles. I love looking at the skein & wondering what kind of pattern that colored yarn will make in the end & sometimes, I just can't wait. So I cast it on & had the first sock done right away. I had it done so fast that I was afraid of running out of yarn before I got to the toe & had to put the word out for another ball or even some Kroy leftovers to do the toes. Kroy is thicker so I thought I'd make long winter socks with it since we're not quite into summer & I'd get to wear them for a little while before it got hot .  .  .  yeah, well, summer arrived! But, the sock got finished, the toe got knit & I only needed a couple of yards to complete it in the end!! Talk about close.

While I was on the sock kick, I found two more balls - I thought I'd finally run OUT of the REGIA Nation Color series!! The yellow, green, blue, purple & orange dye lot jumped into my basket about a dozen times!!!! Don't ask. I don't know why & I paid for it!!  But the last two balls are in the process of becoming socks for the Sock Basket. I'm knitting hats & socks for the basket this year - the hats will go to Loving Spoonful again & the socks will find homes elsewhere at Christmas time. Instead of spending all my time frantically knitting in October & November, I will knit all year & fill the basket this time. Hopefully. Procrastination is a tough habit to beat.

I bought so much of this yarn that both my Co-workers at the Motorcycle School have socks in this color - I believe one of them has two pairs! He said he loved to wear them out in the parking lot with his shorts & navy Tee. All the Students could find him by looking for the socks.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Birthday Came & Went

Back in the middle of April when taxes are hot & heavy, I had a birthday. I remember saying I was taking the day off this year but that didn't happen. I think the Ex remembered & bought me Chicken & Broccoli at my favorite Chop Suey house. The Boss gave me a couple of oil changes at Mr Lube AND Karen & Gail gave me socks. Or rather, they gave me the yarn for socks - we all like to knit our own - but the yarn gets given
and traded all the time!!!

Karen knows I just love Kroy sock yarn for it's thicker feel & warm &  cozy end product. I love it so much that I immediately cast it on the needles last night after I got those two skeins even though I had another sock already on the needles. I just wanted to see what kind of pattern it makes - yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. They both know I love anything with hot pink or purple in it too. Gail found  a lovely hot pink skein of Sweet Georgia sock yarn. I've been happily knitting outside on this, my official Day Off while drinking hot lemonade from my NEW 64oz Bubba Keg Mug. The hot lemon is supposed to help my laryngitis & the Big Mug is to help me get my water.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Holey Tax Deadline, Batman

I did something today that I swore I would never do on pain of death.  I worked on Tax returns till they ALL were done on the last day - including the ones I got Monday evening - and then drove over to Revenue Canada & got into the line-up around 9:00 to get them in the box before the midnight deadline. Years ago, when I worked as a seasonal casual, I discovered the Back Door to the joint. The staff mostly used it but if you looked carefully, there was a mail slot with a big blue box directly under it. While the Public sat in the line-up on the last day, I drove up to the back door & tossed all my returns into the bin & drove off again. He he ha ha. Then they remodeled. No more slot & no more access, dammit. It was relatively painless to get into the line-up, didn't even have to get out of the car to deposit the returns. But, it was still hard to realize that I had actually come to this  .  .  .  .

The last couple of weeks haven't been very productive in the knitting department since I've been doing two jobs at the same time. My little two day a week fill in job at the Motorcycle School has morphed into full time - not that I'm not enjoying the extra money but heh, I'm getting too old for this!!!  And I've developed this annoying case of
laryngitis - just try answering phones with it!! I can't take enough time off to rest my voice so now I have no voice left. Grrrr Add all the tax returns & year ends - I've been falling asleep when I sit down - can I retire now??? Please???  I have finally finished a couple of pairs of socks for my hairdresser - we swapped for a perm in January. And I've been working on & off on my Arvik Ribbons sweater.The pink 'ribbons' are spun from 'It's My Party' roving that ranges from chocolate to acid pink.  I spun it up to go with the grey Shetland that I've almost worn out from knitting two other sweaters. I made one too small & another too big! This one should be just right. It's based on a pattern in the Fall Knitter's magazine called 'Ribbons o' Round'. Knit from the top down with a round yoke with increases made evenly on every colored round. I spun the Shetland quite finely & am using two singles held together. The fabric is light & airy but warm - perfect for summer.