Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Birthday Came & Went

Back in the middle of April when taxes are hot & heavy, I had a birthday. I remember saying I was taking the day off this year but that didn't happen. I think the Ex remembered & bought me Chicken & Broccoli at my favorite Chop Suey house. The Boss gave me a couple of oil changes at Mr Lube AND Karen & Gail gave me socks. Or rather, they gave me the yarn for socks - we all like to knit our own - but the yarn gets given
and traded all the time!!!

Karen knows I just love Kroy sock yarn for it's thicker feel & warm &  cozy end product. I love it so much that I immediately cast it on the needles last night after I got those two skeins even though I had another sock already on the needles. I just wanted to see what kind of pattern it makes - yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. They both know I love anything with hot pink or purple in it too. Gail found  a lovely hot pink skein of Sweet Georgia sock yarn. I've been happily knitting outside on this, my official Day Off while drinking hot lemonade from my NEW 64oz Bubba Keg Mug. The hot lemon is supposed to help my laryngitis & the Big Mug is to help me get my water.

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