Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Always a Sock Knitter

I couldn't help myself & dropped everything to get my Birthday Kroy socks on the needles. I love looking at the skein & wondering what kind of pattern that colored yarn will make in the end & sometimes, I just can't wait. So I cast it on & had the first sock done right away. I had it done so fast that I was afraid of running out of yarn before I got to the toe & had to put the word out for another ball or even some Kroy leftovers to do the toes. Kroy is thicker so I thought I'd make long winter socks with it since we're not quite into summer & I'd get to wear them for a little while before it got hot .  .  .  yeah, well, summer arrived! But, the sock got finished, the toe got knit & I only needed a couple of yards to complete it in the end!! Talk about close.

While I was on the sock kick, I found two more balls - I thought I'd finally run OUT of the REGIA Nation Color series!! The yellow, green, blue, purple & orange dye lot jumped into my basket about a dozen times!!!! Don't ask. I don't know why & I paid for it!!  But the last two balls are in the process of becoming socks for the Sock Basket. I'm knitting hats & socks for the basket this year - the hats will go to Loving Spoonful again & the socks will find homes elsewhere at Christmas time. Instead of spending all my time frantically knitting in October & November, I will knit all year & fill the basket this time. Hopefully. Procrastination is a tough habit to beat.

I bought so much of this yarn that both my Co-workers at the Motorcycle School have socks in this color - I believe one of them has two pairs! He said he loved to wear them out in the parking lot with his shorts & navy Tee. All the Students could find him by looking for the socks.

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Louisa said...

You are the only person I know who makes more socks than I do! Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a happy one!