Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Holey Tax Deadline, Batman

I did something today that I swore I would never do on pain of death.  I worked on Tax returns till they ALL were done on the last day - including the ones I got Monday evening - and then drove over to Revenue Canada & got into the line-up around 9:00 to get them in the box before the midnight deadline. Years ago, when I worked as a seasonal casual, I discovered the Back Door to the joint. The staff mostly used it but if you looked carefully, there was a mail slot with a big blue box directly under it. While the Public sat in the line-up on the last day, I drove up to the back door & tossed all my returns into the bin & drove off again. He he ha ha. Then they remodeled. No more slot & no more access, dammit. It was relatively painless to get into the line-up, didn't even have to get out of the car to deposit the returns. But, it was still hard to realize that I had actually come to this  .  .  .  .

The last couple of weeks haven't been very productive in the knitting department since I've been doing two jobs at the same time. My little two day a week fill in job at the Motorcycle School has morphed into full time - not that I'm not enjoying the extra money but heh, I'm getting too old for this!!!  And I've developed this annoying case of
laryngitis - just try answering phones with it!! I can't take enough time off to rest my voice so now I have no voice left. Grrrr Add all the tax returns & year ends - I've been falling asleep when I sit down - can I retire now??? Please???  I have finally finished a couple of pairs of socks for my hairdresser - we swapped for a perm in January. And I've been working on & off on my Arvik Ribbons sweater.The pink 'ribbons' are spun from 'It's My Party' roving that ranges from chocolate to acid pink.  I spun it up to go with the grey Shetland that I've almost worn out from knitting two other sweaters. I made one too small & another too big! This one should be just right. It's based on a pattern in the Fall Knitter's magazine called 'Ribbons o' Round'. Knit from the top down with a round yoke with increases made evenly on every colored round. I spun the Shetland quite finely & am using two singles held together. The fabric is light & airy but warm - perfect for summer.

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