Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I wish I were a harlot

I've been piddling along on my Kroy socks - I'm growing to really, really dislike my lovely Harmony circs ! ! Why?? you ask - well, they used to be wonderful. So shiny & smooth & warm in the hand but I recently had one replaced because the cord had pulled loose. And the replacement isn't much better - the finish is not the same, it's dull & draggy. The metal collar doesn't quite line up with the wooden needle or the cord & there's now TWO rough spots instead of the one I had before I got a replacement! I wish I'd kept the old one & tried to fix it. Knitpicks doesn't seem too interested in  quality control any more! And, rather than spend more money with them, I'm looking for something else. I know I'd like the needles made by Signature but I can never afford them, even when they make needles in sock sizes. Dyak doesn't make anything in US#! yet even if I could afford them too. Addis?? I'd like wood, I prefer wood but it's an option. I suppose I could go back to DPs but they're a pain in the car which is why I went to circs in the first place. Whine, whine, moan, moan. This is no way to get socks made up for the winter! I remember when it was so simple - buy DPs in wood, metal or plastic. End of story. I guess there's just too many choices.

So, I've piddled along on my socks. I haven't even finished one pair in the last two weeks. I AM  approaching the toes on the second sock of the pair I was working on last time but that's about it. I wish I was a Harlot & could whip out a pair of patterned socks in two evenings & half a day while doing 100 loads of laundry & churning out vegetarian meals for my family. I wish I could knit 40 miles an hour like she can - have you seen the YouTube of her knitting??? The woman is a knitting machine!!! It's enough to make anyone else give up knitting.

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Louisa said...

I had heard that quality control had gone down for a number of needle manufacturers. Your complaint proves it! You could try smoothing them lightly with super-fine sandpaper and then waxing by rubbing with waxed paper.

Personally I love my Addi Lace circs but you don't like metal, right? Some people don't even like the smell of the brass but it mostly goes away eventually. They do seem more durable and they are lifetime guaranteed. (If you save the packaging which I never remember to do!) But I knit socks with either Clover Takumi bamboo dpns (smooth but I wear them out too quickly) or Blackthorn carbon dpns which are kind of skritchy. I do like my dpns.