Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Trying to De Clutter

I've been crabby lately. My house is still a mess even though I keep throwing stuff out & taking more bags to the recycling bin. Hell, I'm even giving books away these days! I swear the junk just grows in the dark of night. The kitchen counter keeps accumulating dishes even though I wash some every night. I'm not sure what this means other than the fact that I have too much stuff. For instance, I bought myself a new ceramic mug & a car mug that actually fit in the  holes in my car organizer. That leaves two sets of Starbucks mugs & a couple of strays on the shelves in my cupboard. And then there's at least a dozen mugs of various sizes & shapes - each with a history. I have to keep my Big Red Mug because I love it but what about all the others??? If I toss them & company comes, what then??? But, who actually needs 19 cups & mugs?? Maybe that should be the first job - I know mugs don't reproduce in the dark.

And there's that pile of plastic shoes. Yep, I love those stupid things. I have them in bubblegum pink, hot pink, purple, navy &  even have two pairs of winter ones with felt linings. Bad for the feet they are. Like thongs. You don't walk properly, there's no support & you throw your pelvis into an odd position & then it gets your back. Last winter, my feet froze in them - even with socks & felt liners. I live on concrete floors & they're COLD. So why do they stay??? It's the colors. Sigh. But, no one needs 6 pairs of useless plastic shoes - they're next on the list. It's going to be an interesting bag of stuff.

I did accomplish something this week though. I finished the Pink Kroy socks at last. Even with a rough jointed circ & a couple of breaks in the yarn, I finished another pair of deliciously warm & snug Kroy socks! Something to be uncrabby about!

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Louisa said...

Oh man! Decluttering is hard! Especially if you've lived in the same house since 1979. I thought I purged when the kids moved out. Obviously not enough...yet.