Sunday, June 09, 2013

Just a Sucker for Socks

Summer has arrived, it's time to spin on the Patio & what, pray tell, am I doing??? Knitting winter socks!! Winter Socks! I guess I'm just a sucker for socks .  .  .  they knit up quickly - we aren't going to talk about black, dress socks here are we??? - and it's quite the fashion statement to wear two different wild socks at the same time!  Although I'm not that crazy, I do wear Fraternal socks - same colors, same balls but no attention paid to the starting point. There's so many wild color combinations on the shelves these days that I haven't even made more than a couple pairs of patterned socks. I kind of like the looks I get when I'm in my conservative urban granny costume of navy pants & pink top with these wild red/orange/yellow/pink socks in my sneakers!!

Red Hat
I will admit to a teensie weensie bit of spinning on my SuziePro wheel. I got a bag of a new line of fibre from Linda @ Sunset Fibres ooops Fibers to you Americans!! She has a group on Ravelry called Sunset Fiber Addicts & dyes all kinds of interesting things. I found  a cowl in a Knitter's magazine, sent the picture to Linda & she dyed up some fibre for me in a similar colorway!! She called it Red Hat. I think it's going to be a real favorite of mine!!
Pink Elephant

Sunset Fibers is also the home of Pink Elephant which I love. It looks quite dull & grey but when it's spun up there's just enough peach & pink to lighten it a little & it does remind me of elephants. I really liked it's subtle prettiness once it was in the skein & bought two more braids!

The current fibre is called Galaxie. Linda has taken narrow strands of several colors & twisted them together so they spin up as blended colors that naturally spiral together. My sample has very muted mauve/green/peach/grey/pink in it which seems very plain to me but I've only spun a very small amount so far. I'm going to reserve my opinion until I can knit a swatch with this one.

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