Monday, August 24, 2015

Socks, Socks, Socks

I finished the first sock in my test knit. It's been years since I really followed anyone's pattern for socks other than the one in my head. Well, that's a lie, I AM still working on the Arrowhead lace socks from the Spin Off Socks book but I cast them on a couple of years ago .   .   .  and I DID try SKEW from Knitty like everyone else when it hit the net a couple of years ago too but I have YET to finish either sock. I WILL eventually, finish the Arrowhead lace because I have two pairs of my best Addi circs in each sock!!! But, as I was saying - normally, I use the pattern in my head to knit socks. Test Knitting sounds easy but it isn't - not when you have to use someone else's sock pattern 100%. Especially when you're supposed to report any problems, not fix them & carry on.

But, I finished the first sock. I only tinked it in a couple of places & ripped out the ribbing twice. But, I finished it. I did modify the sock because I wanted a longer foot so I shortened the leg to make sure I had enough yarn. I did not know the yardage of the wound cake but knew there was enough yarn for the pair as written in the pattern. I'm almost to the heel shaping on the second sock but am having no problems this time around. The heel itself is a simple garter heel with short rows. The pattern is easy to memorize & easy to follow with or without the chart - which is all I can say until the pattern is released for sale.

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