Monday, September 07, 2015

I successfully finished my 'Snakes and Ladders socks' test knit. Although I was only required to knit one sock, I knit them both so I'd have a pair to pass on to someone with cold feet. They're not large enough for my feet but I know someone will love them. I have enough yarn left over to make some matching wrist warmers as well. I think the pattern will look great on wrist warmers where you can actually SEE it. The pattern is easy to knit, the written directions are clear & the chart is easy to follow. The best part is that the pattern is up on Ravelry & it's FREE.

So what's up next??? Well, my poor fingers are feeling the change in the weather & I've been spending DAYS sorting paper into bunches & adding them up for a client, so I'm ready for a simple knit or two. Especially since I have 5 more boxes of paperwork to sort & add. So I've cast-on for a child's size 4 Wonderful Wallaby. I like the Wallaby. I've knit many of them for charity over the years & will probably knit many more before I'm done. Although I prefer to use a wool yarn, moms of small, dirty boys want acrylic yarns that can be washed over & over again. The two dirty little boys I'm currently knitting for are really hard on their clothes - especially the 4 year old. His mom says she undresses him in front of the washer every day before bed - clothes into the wash, kid into the bath. She claims he attracts dirt while he sleeps. So acrylic for him. She'd probably be happiest if I knit grey, brown or black for him but I think a rainbow - all the leftovers - is the way to go - I want him to wear the darned thing!!!  So, the sleeves are done & I'm working on the body of the first Wallaby in size 4.

When they're finished, I will finish my top down, V-neck, lace frock from the Cabin Fever book, 'Need a Plus Cardigan?'. I started it eons ago & life got in the way. I thought it would be really fun to make some winter lace that was practical. And I wanted a cardigan with something a little different too. I'll be making plain sleeves because I need extra warmth for my wrists & hands. The wool is a rustic worsted weight spun at Briggs & Little mills. And while I wanted a lovely RED yarn, the best I could do locally was Mullberry. Oh well. The sweater is started & I'm to the bottom of the V-neck.

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