Sunday, September 20, 2015

Do it until You go Blind

I've taken on a couple of projects that really require a 50 foot table & an industrial stapler. I suppose I should feel lucky that I have only two years to sort for the first project. And four years for the second with some of it sorted into same year, same thing in zip locks. It's still a horrendous job, sorting, batching, adding them up, adding up the GST, writing the type of expense, year & percentage on the tape before trying to get the stapler to punch through it all. I have multiple batches for Materials & Supplies, fuel, Small Tools etc & then they have to be added up before they're fed into the tax forms. Sigh .   .   .   I'd rather be knitting.

I've even relearned the joys of the Slow Cooker while I've been so busy. Chicken & yams  with Mushroom soup. Pork sirloin with potatoes & carrots. And creme of Mushroom soup. LOL  How did we live before creme of Mushroom soup??? I just don't have the time or energy to stand around in the kitchen chopping or mixing. Into the crock pot with it!!!!

And the first Wallaby is finished. Done. The hood was bound off last evening before I fell asleep in my chair in front of the tube. Haven't seen much of that tube in the last week or so because I fall asleep if I'm not knitting, eating, adding or stapling. But, the first sweater is done & in the Gift Box. Now, onto #2. Size 4 long, in acrylic in rainbow colors so his mom can find him in a crowd when he runs - cause that's the only speed he has until he falls down into bed. And I'd give you a picture except that the damned camera needs to be recharged .   .   .   .

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