Friday, June 23, 2017

A Full Sized Fridge

Tomorrow I get a new fridge. Several years ago my second hand fridge went 'kapuzt' in the middle of the night. Yeah, left me with a frozen freezer side, a warm fridge side & a puddle out front. I was clumping along on crutches at the time, barely able to get off the throne by myself & the fridge dies. Good thing I had an almost empty beer fridge!! It took me a year to finish cleaning out that fridge since my knee didn't want to bend to get into it. And then it took me another two years before I had enough money to live on, so I made do with the small fridge. You just go shopping more often & buy smaller sizes like the Europeans do. That's all. But, on Saturday, the old crapper is being hauled away & a lovely white fridge is being dropped in it's place!! It will be so nice to buy a large jug of milk again & fill up the veggie containers with chopped veggies, ready to go. I have to find the ice cube trays for cold drinks once more. It's amazing how exciting it is to get a full size fridge again. Woopie - where are the magnets????

No socks were completed in the last couple of weeks although I'm gartering my way through a big tote bag of expensive wooly sample yarn mostly in tan, beige, brown & rust. It could've been a display or two because I have several balls of the same yarn in a variety of colors. Or several little balls of European Eyelash yarn. There's enough yarn to make a child's stripey sweater but it's not machine washable. It's too thick for socks or lace shawls. I don't think it would work well for mittens but might for scarves. I was going to knit a heavy shawl but decided it would work best as a comfy blanket knitted on 5.5mm needles that a woman & two little dogs could cuddle up under on cold winter evenings after the farm animals are put to bed.

I'm also working on a new 'house sweater' for me!! Yeah, I decided to use my "Need a Plus Cardigan" from Cabin Fever, pattern book & just knit a simple, top down, garter sweater. It works up fast in garter stitch & I'm just about ready to check the length before taking off the stitches for the arms.  I fell for this colorway when I saw it but didn't want to buy a lot since it's 100% acrylic. I wish I had bought more since it feels a little crispy like linen & washes well. And boy, do I love that color!!

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AuntValley said...

Congrats on the fridge!