Thursday, July 06, 2017

Lazy Days

It's been a while since I had anything to say on this blog. It seems I've become a dull person. My 86 year old client - I've done his small business bookkeeping for 30 years now - called me this morning to tell me he just survived his latest birthday & the physical to keep his driving license. His doctor said he doesn't need to come back for 5 years since he's in such good shape. Ralph still leads an interesting life & works bidding BIG construction jobs. He WALKS the entire site, estimates board feet of standing timber(trees) & general costs to dig, haul & clear. And he still rents out two ROCK Trucks to Really Big Projects. Any time my old crapper cars die, Ralph finds me a better one.

I've been inundated with paperwork. I think I'm being punished for being so lazy for several years before I 'retired'. If I could've had half the work I've been doing since I 'retired', I'd have been much happier. But better late than never, I suppose.

The latest car socks are finally finished. They sat in the car for so long, I never thought they would get finished but I snuck out a couple of times, found a shady spot at the Starbucks closest to home & knit while snarking back a super BIG Passion Tea Lemonade.Tall, Icy & Pink. My favorite. I'm thinking I should knit some short scrappy summer socks for a change since I've got lots of winter socks in the bin.

I have been working away at the Tote Bag Blanket when it's not too warm to have it in my lap!! I'd like to have it finished by September but it's really hard to sit sweating under a pile of wool in a heat wave. Maybe it's the one I should take with me to Starbucks when I knit in the shade!!!
I decided to knit for the Tour de Fleece this year instead of spinning after getting a rough start. I spun for the first couple of days & was doing rather well - even if I do say so myself.  While communing with my machine, the thread broke & buried itself - somewhere.
I tried tape - tape should catch the end when you run it over the bobbin. Nope.
I tried fingernails - run fingernails lightly over bobbin & an end should pop up. Nope.
I rubbed, I picked, I pulled, I cut. In the end, I broke/pulled/cut half of what I spun off the bobbin without finding an end. Until I made about 50 of them, that is. I cut it all off & went back to knitting.  Sorry, no picture was taken of the destruction.
I suppose this is equivalent to crashing my bike, falling off & breaking a leg while pulling away from START.

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