Thursday, February 02, 2012

We're Wet & Moldy

Wow, with the weather being so changeable on the Wet Coast - we've gone from sub-zero to snow to slush-on-ice to Spring-is-coming - all in the space of a couple of weeks!! I work part time for Action Motorcycle School - yes, if you've ever wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, come & take the course!!! - and the weather was so bad for the
annual Motorcycle Show two weekends ago that most people didn't come. Seriously - if you've been dreaming of riding & live in the Vancouver burbs, give us a call. Training won't guarantee you a license, no one can, but it will guarantee a SAFER experience. And you'll probably see my socks on a couple of the Instructors!!

But, back to the weather - as usual, it's our changeable weather that makes knitted sweaters so necessary in our climate but so hard to gauge. Right now I'm knitting away on my Arvik Ribbons sweater, using the Ribbons-o-Round pattern from Knitter's. It's light & airy - it has another colored stripe since this was taken - but warm since it's woolen spun with not too much twist so it holds air for insulation. That's all fine & good but if the wind blows or a downpour occurs, I'll freeze & soak my butt!! What I need right now is something in a good worsted wool that will keep me warm when the wind blows or mostly dry when the rain comes pelting down. Why oh why didn't I knit an Indian Sweater for myself instead of someone else?? Or another Wonderful Wallaby in wool for me??? Or get it in gear with the Poncho Pullover??
This brings me back to unfinished projects
- I'm a great starter but a lousy finisher. This is why I knit socks. They're small, portable & done before I get bored. Unless they're black, grey, brown or one solid color - then I get bored really, really fast. Because I'm a Starter, I have three sweaters on the go for myself & nothing to wear. So, you heard it here folks. Arvik, which is a couple of rows from the armhole shaping, will become my new car knitting - it's been going to Bucks for a couple of weeks anyway - and I'll get myself back to the barely started Poncho Pullover while I watch TV - if I have TV after this week. Maybe, I'll actually have TWO sweaters this year??? Since I have to recharge the camera before I can take any new pics, you'll just have to look at the old ones . . .

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