Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Little Progress

I haven't been doing a lot of work on the Arvik Ribbons sweater. I've been finishing off all the sock toes & sorting leftovers that carpet the couch I want to move. I keep thinking about being able to lay on that couch & have a
nap when I get home instead of nodding off while sitting in the chair. The kids & I used to laugh at our mother when she'd sit down to watch the news at 6:00 & nod off. I'm turning into my mother, dammit. I sit & nod off.

The sock toes are done, the last pair of Christmas socks have been given away, the pink Kroy socks are in my basket & I had time today while watching Downton Abbey to knit on my sweater. Before adding another rosy stripe, I decided to try it on & check the progress only to find I have another 3 or so inches to go. I have to figure out where the sleeves will go & have decided I'd prefer narrow three quarter sleeves. This will be a light but warm sweater for spring, summer evenings & early fall chills. I hope the handspun won't be too warm.

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