Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something to Show

As I said the other day, I've been trying to recover from staying up all night & the terrible wound to my credit card. I
think I'm finally over the shock of both but its now official, I've spent more on parts & repairs than I paid to purchase the Van! As a result, I'm doing more work for people I thought I'd gotten rid of last year. After doing nothing for months & months, they now need all the paperwork done, yesterday. Cut's into my fibre time this does!! But, I did almost finish a couple of my on-going projects.

My Motorcycle School Boss asked for Socks. I've worked with him for over 20 years & this is the first time he's ever really even LOOKED at my socks! And now he wants some. Everyone else in the office has a pair of the wild Regia socks in the FLAGS series like these! I got a good deal on the yarn so I bought a bunch. Chris is rather conservative. He would never wear socks like these. While Bryan &
Diane, well, the wilder, the better!! They wear theirs with shorts out in the parking lot when they're teaching students to ride. But, Chris wears plain white dull cotton socks . . . . So, I cast on this plain, boring, brownish-grey Regia in early December for his Christmas gift. Boring yarn takes so long to knit. And I hate boring yarn. I found myself unable to put on more that a few rows at a time & had to knit another pair of Pink KROY socks for myself at the same time to give myself incentive. Tonight, I'll 3 needle bind-off all the toes, tuck in all the ends & proceed to spend the rest of my evening on my new top-down sweater in handspun. Must get it finished quickly because I've found a new way of knitting sleeves in a top-down sweater called "Contiguous". It gives you that fitted shoulder/sleeve without the diagonal raglan look & the sleeves can be made wider or narrower without changing the body sizing of the sweater. Sort of like knitting gussets on the side of the heel AS you knit the flap instead of picking up the gusset stitches AFTER you knit the flap.

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