Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The weather is certainly strange around here - one day its summer & the next its late fall! Sun, rain, wind & damp . . . . . only the houseplants are enjoying this!! So, it seemed that soup should be on the agenda today. Lucky for me, I save bones for days like this . . . . . soup simmering, the spinning wheel turning, socks waiting while the printer is printing off reams of tax returns so I can honestly say "I'm working!" today.

I've been eyeballing that 3lb bag of Coopworth I bought at last year's Fibre Fest. I went for silk - yes, I did buy some wonderful hankies but I also fell for that cheap, gleamingly white, Coopworth. Its all the Socklady's fault!! She spotted it first & sent my friend Gail & I over to it . . . . yes, we can't resist a bargain! And I haven't spun an ounce of it yet . . . BUT . . . seems like a good project & I have some great dyes - just have to decide on whether to dye the wool before or after spinning. The colors are much nicer if spun after dyeing but so much easier to deal with if I spin it up first. Decisions, decisions.

The birthday socks are almost done! My hands have been so sore I haven't knit a whole lot in the last couple of weeks but I'm chipping away at them - they're in the black/white splotchy Confetti I like so much so I think I'll knit a solid small red stripe, then another in the Confetti & then the solid red toe to finish them off. I just have to monkey with things a little - never did like the plain old sock . . . . and my next ones are going to be lacey patterned ones for a change! I've spun up silk & wool in a purple blend which I think will be my next socks, not that many people get to see them in my orthopaedic sneakers but What the Hey!!

When I eventually figure out how to get photos onto this site, I'll publish pictures of all these socks!!

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Lynne said...

http://flickr.com/ Easy way to get pix to blog, if'n I can do it you can as well.