Thursday, March 02, 2006


I'm not sure where February went this year - usually I'm so broke I can't pay any bills or go anywhere so I stay home & knit. This year was different. Had to work, got paid, got to pay bills & had almost no time for knitting. Hey, whats wrong with just getting paid & spending time knitting??? Or, getting paid to knit????

The pink & snotty green socks are a pain in the butt. Nothing seems to co-ordinate with either color for toes. The figured stripe is some kind of off white & poopy brown. I can't really describe it except in terms of what you sometimes find in a diaper . . . I just know I won't easily find another ball of this color but I may have to try. There goes the profit!!! I'll be really happy to get these off the needles & off to the lady who wants them.

I am going to finish some kind of sweater for myself & to hell with socks for a month or two. Three different sweaters on the needles & not one is done!! Life is not fair. And its tax season to boot. And, I've joined the Gansey knitters on top of all that. I have Beth's book on Ganseys & the gang have been doing knit-alongs of all the patterns in the book. They're just starting a top-down sampler which I'm going to follow & Grace's Cardigan - which I love - is being knit at the same time. I'm able to get instructions for a 56" chest from the ListDad. I'm going to try it out in my favorite Screaming Raspberry Dalesman wool from Birkeland Brothers - hopefully it will knit to tension!!

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