Thursday, March 16, 2006

As the sock rips . . . .

I woke up this morning to the cheery sound of kids fighting & beating on something outside my open bedroom window . . . Ya gotta be kidding!!!! Its 6:40!!!!A.M.???? Who the heck let them out!! I know I have to get up but this is ridiculous . . . . . Is this a taste of summer to come??? Groan

Managed to drag myself off to knitting last nite although all I wanted to do was go home & fall on the couch. But, I did get there - just in time to teach our latest newby how to knit a Popcorn stitch pattern. I won't be surprised to see her come back next week with a Popcorn scarf or afghan knit up!! Its kinda fun to watch her go . . . The Birthday socks are coming along nicely but aren't going very quickly - my hands are killing me! Overuse & arthritis are really giving me hell - thank gawd for Tylenol Arthritis!!! I'm turning into a drug addict!!! The pills come first!! It used to be yarn but now, the pills come first!! Oh what a horrible thought . . . . .

Somehow, some time
before the middle of June, I have to create something useful for Show & Tell out of Handspun Yarn. I may have to dig thru all the odds & ends to knit some wild socks since thats the only thing I'll have time for . . . . Silk Socks anyone????

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