Monday, April 17, 2006


Its tough to celebrate a birthday when you're too busy to think . . . . But, Gail sent me an invite to a morning Birthday Tea - turned out to be a yummy mocha instead, by the way - and we knit for an hour or so as well!! Got a lovely "Wool Bouquet" of dyed superwash roving to spin in pinks & chocolate brown called 'Its my Party' as well!! Gail said it called my name across the room . . . . . I believe that!! LOL Not sure what it will be when its spun up - I'm gonna think about it for a while first. I kind of like the way its wrapped, looks like a bouquet with the bottom tighly bound & the top spilling out in a burst of color. I think I'll just use it as a decoration for a while . . . . . . .

Finished my first baby sock for Freya today. Gad, working with something this small is a pain when you're used to larger items!! But, its really cute & uses up left-overs . . . . now to finish the other one. I've actually found quite a few little bits & pieces to make baby socks with - I sure hope her Mom likes 'fraternal' socks. Baby knitting is really fun. Takes so little yarn & time to knit them up - not like the chore of knitting a size 52 sweater, thats for sure!!

I noticed today that my 'hot flashes' or 'Power Surges' as the Tatla Socklady calls them, have decreased in quantity as well as intensity. Could it be the Selenium that was recommended to me??? Mmmmmm . . . I wonder?? I feel a little like Archie Bunker when Edith was going thru the "change". Okay world, I'm ready, CHANGE, lets get this over & done with. Sprout hairs on my chin, make my skin wrinkle & sag, take away my short-term memory, decrease my bladder to the size of a marble & move all my excess body weight to my stomach but lets get it over with tonite!!! I don't have time for all this crap!!!

You can tell I'm a little testy tonite . . . . I need a week OFF!! or a week to just SPIN!

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