Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Twisted Sock . . . as ye knit, so shall ye rip!


Granny-in-waiting no longer!! Gail - my sock knitting cohort - is an official Granny!! Guess what we'll be knitting??? Baby is a girl, 7.6 pounds & everyone is delighted.

I dug out my really old baby books - you know the ones - the patterns are all in black & white & all the outfits come with leggings . . . but, they also have some really really cute sweaters with matching socks, mitts & hats which the modern knitting books seem to lack. Especially the socks!! I've already spotted a neat little lacey dress . . . so impractical . . . . but what the heck.

I even managed to get a little done on the snotty green & pink socks over the past couple of days at break time - I even managed to spin outside yesterday afternoon when it was so warm & nice . . . got a nice layer of color on my nose to prove it too!! I have a big bag of Coopworth roving bought last year & just waiting to be spun up. I have to admit though, silk & merino roving passes thru the sore hands & spins up soooooooooo much easier!!! Could this be a hint???

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