Thursday, April 20, 2006


The BoyToy tells me its soooo simple to upload pictures to the net.
Just take the digital camera, plug one end of the cable into the camera & the other into the computer. Nice trick!! First of all, I didn't get a cable & second, I don't have a hole in the camera!! And I've checked it twice!!! The BoyToy's mother says to bring the card that the pictures are saved on over to her house - she has a new printer/scanner/fax gizmo that has a nice little slot for the card. The contents get uploaded to a file that gets emailed back to me.

BUT, I want the pictures NOW!!

So, I remembered my expensive cell phone.
There's only one reason they come with a damn camera & thats so you can take a pic & email it to someone. Dunno what it'll cost but I took the photos with my phone, emailed them to myself & VOILA . . . . pics of the 'Snotty' green & pink socks!! They don't look too bad with the 'bubblegum' pink toes but I'll be glad to see the end of them!! Hopefully, the new owner will be happy with them since she picked the color combination.

Granny Gail reports that her new Grandbaby has a ton of everything but SOCKS. Well, they came to the right people, didn't they??? Baby socks are a bit fiddly, especially picking up stitches along the heel flap but, they're a great way to use up all the leftovers!! I've finished this pair - Gail's finished a pair too & I'm almost finished another . . . . Ain't we having fun????!!!

I must be out of my mind. Not only is this the busiest time of the tax season, but now I've signed up for two courses at the Virtual U. And I'm trying to finish up a sweater . . . . hopefully, I'll get a pic of 'Ginny's' sweater up somewhere along the way. I'm about 6 inches down from where I joined at the underarm. When the midback & fronts are long enough, I start the side shaping - remember this sweater has a deep V at midback, midfront & at both sleeves. Apparently a triangle has to be knit under the arm to fill in on the left & right between the Vs.

And I still have to spin up enough yarn to make something for Show & Tell if Gail & I get to go to our spinning retreat in June . . . . . I may be knitting socks out of handspun while Gail drives this time!!!

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