Monday, May 01, 2006


To steal a famous quote . . . . Free at last, free at last, free at last!! Tax hell is officially over at midnite! I have to admit that I LIKE tax but not the constant work with no days off. I've had very little free time & no time for spinning or knitting much other than three pairs of baby socks & one pair of toes in the last month or so.

News Flash - Kathy, our latest sock convert, has finished her FIRST pair of socks!! We're so proud of her that she's getting published!!! Grrrrrrrrrreat way to go Kathy! Kathy had so much fun knitting these, she's halfway thru the second pair. These socks are for her teeny-tiny feet & Hubby - who got her into this - gets the next ones.

I managed to cast-on for a new pair of summer socks just for ME!! I have to admit to sneaking the first little bit of yarn into another pair of baby socks first though. I just couldn't wait to see how this Fortissima would look knitted up so . . . . well, we know a teeny tiny person who needs foot coverings . . right??? I couldn't help it. Here's a pic of the new sock yarn - its actually much pinker than it looks in this picture but its taken with my camera phone which does the best it can . . . .

Meanwhile, back at the farm, I've been digging thru all the bags of wool I've got stashed around the place - amazing how you just can't pass on another good deal!!!! I've accumulated a good pile of raw fleece which must be washed & even a nice, clean Shetland fleece which is a joy to spin right off the sheep. I'm thinking of sitting outside this summer & converting that wonderful fleece into yarn for something light & airy to wear in the winter.

On that note, I've found a couple of really nice cowl patterns for the fall - I know, I know, we haven't even had the first sunburn of the season & I'm talking about FALL??? Am I nutz??? Nope. I'm the old broad with bags of wool, remember??? First I have to wash it, then spin it, then dye it or maybe I'll dye it & then spin it . . . and then & only then, I can knit with it. I'm trying a new dye - I have 5 copper pot scrubbers sitting in a jar of ammonia cooking up a nice dark blue dye that I hope to use on some Coopworth wool I've only just started to spin!! Its a luscious, creamy color with a nice shine to it but I'm a tropical color person - those muted colors, pale colors & fall colors look dreadful on me . . . . might be good for walls & furniture but I look like a dead person when I wear them!! I want tourquoise, raspberry, fuschia, cyan, watermelon & purple!! I admit BLUE isn't tropical but its a good background color . . . Ain't no way I'm gonna disguise my ginormous self so I might as well be comfy & flaunt it! Just means I have to spin more yarn, use more dye & knit larger sizes . . . .

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Lynne said...

My Conga Rats to Kathy for finishing her socks. Looking forward to getting down for WNK the end of the month.