Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Got an Email this morning from my spinning pal Gail. She's been spending all her time out in the garden after work & on the weekends during these warmer sunny days . . . . She's been spinning up her 'Hazelnut' blend & plying it with the complimentary blue from Aurelia Wools. Gail is still searching for the perfect vest pattern - I have one I hope she'll like - and she's sent me this picture of her progress . . . . not too shabby for a person who's only been spinning for a year or so!!

I had my wheel out several times this past weekend as well but I'm spinning up my Arvik fleece - the skeins are an interesting blend of light & dark grey which I loved in the sample swatch I knit up when I first got it. I could've separated the colors but I decided to spin it randomly & enjoy the interesting effect. I'm spinning it up as a fine singles yarn for now but may knit it as a two-ply in the end. I guess another swatch will make up my mind before I knit it up. I've found a stitch pattern I love but I'm not sure how it will look in handspun - something else to check out in a swatch!

In the meantime - I'm doing the heel increases on my new socks in the yarn that's been calling to me for weeks. I love the way the colors blend together. It ends up with light heathery bands of rose, purple, turquoise & white alternating with dark bands of navy, dark green & black. I'm not sure the rose Sisu will become the toes - they may end up being grey or black. I should be wearing them in a day or two!! One thing about socks, you don't have to wait too long to wear them after deciding what color to knit.

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