Monday, May 22, 2006


I was watching a biography of Princess Margaret on tv last nite - in honor of the Victoria Day holiday, they were featuring a Royal weekend. I do wish they would run biographies of the older members & even some of the previous generations more often. I think we were Di'd & Fergie'd to death for years but I do enjoy the ones about Victoria, the Queen & Queen Mum, King George, Margaret & the previous generations! I admit to watching Henry VIII & Elizabeth I several times!! I like educational tv but most of the channels are doing the same old Makeover shows & 'Reality' shows now - too bad!! I enjoyed Nova, the Operation, the Pioneers & their ilk. I remember not long ago when the Learning Channel taught you something . . . . .

I sound like an old fart, don't I??? I do admit to liking CSI but I love educational tv. I want to learn something if I'm in front of it or why turn it on??

And to socks - finished my first short 'summer' socks of the year for ME. I used my usual 64-68 st start at the ribbed top & 2mm needles but used the heel designed by Jan. I've been complaining about not being able to see the stitches on the old heel flap to pick up for the gusset - Jan designed a pattern using plain increases, decreases & short rows to avoid that problem. I used her heel on these socks. Unfortunately, emailing the pic from my phone doesn't show the detail or colors really accurately, thats for sure, but its nice to have a pic or two to decorate the site! These socks are actually a lot lighter in color - there's lavender, aqua, yellow, orange, rust, pale blue, robin's egg blue & two shades of green in these socks! They'll go with everything!!!

These two balls of yarn are going to be my next pair of socks. The patterned ball is Confetti 5380 & is much bluer than the picture - that dark stripe is actually black in the middle with a slately blue & a brighter blue verging on Royal blue as well as a bit of Kelly green for good luck. I am dying to knit these up to see the pattern. The red ball is actually a deep purpley rose from Sisu which almost matches the tiny bits of rose in the Confetti - I thought it would make great contrasting toes!! I'll have to decide after I knit the pattern. Sometimes socks don't want a plain toe.

I have a pair of blue speckled Confetti socks on the Bamboo skewers for the BoyToy. I knit them to the heel using Jan's heel again but decided I didn't like them. So I tore them out & reknit Jan's heel with S1, K1 between the increases. I'll get a pick up when I finish them - hopefully it will show the details. The BT likes the cushy feel of the S1K1 on his heels & I like the shaping you get with it.

The weather has been nice here so I've been able to spin more & more lately - Arvik is sooooo nice to spin from the fleece - I do love greasy fleece!! I love the smell & the feel . . . and greasy fleece is easy to spin! I once got a couple of pounds of greasy Romney roving which I also loved a whole lot but that kind of roving is hard to find. I'm hoping to knit Arvik into a soft light sweater for work & if I'm lucky, a soft shawlette on big needles to snuggle in when I read on the couch. I saved the Lion Brand pattern that's essentially a shawl with cuffs - I'm hoping it will do the trick.

I hope the Virtual U has its new courses up for the new semester today!! I finished Healing Herbs & Intro to Forensic Science last week . . . . . enjoyed both of them! Can't wait to see the new selection . . . .

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