Wednesday, May 10, 2006


One of my Guys wants to sell a product
that he thinks is fantastic . . . He loved it so much he imported a great pile of it last year & it gathers dust in a warehouse! Sounds like some of that unspun wool in my livingroom . . . So . . I went on-line, searched the name he says someone registered - NOT - registered the name, got me a website & I am now in the website creation business!! Just have to learn a little HTML, upload some pictures, get a credit card gizmo & BANG. We now have a little web based business complete with email. Gawd how I love technology!!! All of this & doing late tax returns too!!!!

My hands have been really sore lately - bought a book " ARTHRITIS, What works & what doesn't" - everything is discussed, food, meds, bracelets, rubs, heat, cold, exercise & clothing. I found out my diet could be increasing the inflammation & pain.
I wanted to go to the Tulahead Spin-In even though money is tight, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to spin - seems legumes, dairy, cheese is a biggie, meat, corn, wheat & all the nightshade family which include tomatoes, potatoes & peppers are very bad . . . . guess what comprises most of my diet???? I don't have to worry much about caffeine, nicoctine or alcohol. Most arthritis sufferers get a lot of relief from fasting or juice diets only. Its recommended that we cut back everything to fruits, veggies, fish & fowl for a couple of weeks then gradually add one food at a time to find the culprits. It would be nice to cut back the Tylenol too . . . . One good thing about the diet recommendations - Salmon is the preferred protein!!! Fish oil is GOOD for you.

On the needles - still plugging away at my new summer socks. Can't believe I haven't been able to knit much - this is really unlike me. I keep looking at all the yummy sock yarns I've bought at Knitopia & wish for several more of them on the needles. I have two balls of Confetti with my usual menopause purple, turquoise & white with just a little black!! I am dying to see what this will look like . . . & I have the dark rose Sisu for toes which matches the rose in the yarn . . . . . I think that Confetti will be next . . . instead of the mostly pink Fortissima.
Decisions, decisions . . . . .
and then there's all three sweaters I started last year. I have to finish one of them SOON.

If the weather continues to be nice, we'll be spinning outside soon too. I have a yummy shetland fleece that I started to spin last year - got one big fluffy skein to tease me, hanging on the rack!! I want to finish spinning Arvik & hope to get another of her lovely fleeces this year!!! So many projects, so little time . . . .

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