Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

So, it's American Thanksgiving today. I've never really understood why they celebrate in November. Maybe it has something to do with Christmas shopping. They seem to get really serious about Christmas on Thanksgiving when they start planning commando raids on the nearest shopping centre as soon as the turkey's digested . . . .

So, I'm sitting in my home office reading all these emails about last minute shopping, "deals of the year", today only, last chance coupons, 45% off for Thanksgiving etc etc ad nauseum. My mailbox runneth over! I don't give a damn about Christmas shopping. And, I don't intend to do any!! I haven't even been IN a mall this year! They've wasted their time. While I admit I DO love turkey. I also love truffles & mincemeat tarts. But do I have to go thru all this commotion just to get them?? I'd rather spin!

Speaking of spinning . . . while rooting around in a bin, I discovered a shopping bag of dark brown doggie fur. I believe it came from my friend Mary's Nick, who died last year. Nick was a gigantic Newfie who cried & moaned whenever Mary left his sight. Such a big baby. Mary cried for days when he died. I'm thinking about carding it with some of the darkest Arvik shetland wool & spinning it up to knit a surprise for Mary. I know it'd be the happiest & most unexpected surprise & would
certainly make her day. So, I think it'll be my project for Sunday . . . after I finish the current tax return that is!!!

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