Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's THAT time of year again

Haven't accomplished a thing lately - not even a pair of socks! The poor Sierra Socks are still in the bag toeless. I managed to turn the heels & then got too busy to do much of anything. And I'm sleepy all the time! Spring fever?? Nope - Spring Allergies!! The Benadryl goes with me everywhere to ease the itchy, sneezy, wheezy, coughing paper shuffler I've become. Thank gawd for EFile!

For all you people who still have or are in the process of getting SNOW, Vancouver is now busting out all o
ver. I noticed both of the scrubby bushes outside my favorite Greasy Spoon are in full bud with just a tinge of color - I'm surprised they bother since the customers dump their butts in the planter just before they go into the cafe!! My Clematis plants have TWO INCH sprouts on those dead looking branches & the rhubarb is six inches tall! I can't wait till I can fill the hanging baskets with lovely little plants with big buds on them. I've been out pruning & cutting off dead ends - the spider plant has been out all week & looks very happy in his corner. Even the strawberries have perked up in the last week or so - I do believe our long, grey, wet winter is over.

Now I'm just hoping for another couple of sunny days warm enough that I can set up the spinning wheel outside & spin the afternoon away . . .

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