Monday, February 11, 2013


These days I have a love/hate relationship with my craft stuff. I have a whole lot of new patterns that I love but no one here wants to create them. No one here wants to do the math to make them fit. And no one here wants to take the time to knit the swatch, cast on all those stitches or spend any time spinning the yarn for it either. I just want them done NOW. I just want to spend all day in bed, under a blankey, cuddling something warm & furry, READING. It's a funny thing, but I don't even want to go to Starbucks.  Maybe this is Spring Fever??? All I know is that I'm cold & without ambition these days .  .  . 

I owe my Hairdresser two pairs of warm socks so I've been plugging along slowly. She said she wears them like slippers when she comes home at night with sore feet. Apparently she kicks off her shoes, puts on the socks & her pjs as soon as she comes in from work. Her male companion had the nerve to pinch a pair I gave her last year & wore them till the feet wore through in several places. So now she only has one pair that have to be hidden!

Since she wears them as slippers, she doesn't need them to be much above the ankle but the feet still need reinforced heels since that's where she wears them out first. I like to knit the 'cushy' heel not only at the back of the heel but around & under the heel as well for that extra softness. I even extended the K1,S1 on the entire sole of the foot on several pairs for my Ex at one time. Extra work, but he really appreciated the cushioning when his feet were sore.

The yarn for the second pair is much thicker than the Regia leftovers I've used in the two toned blue socks above. The yarn is a lovely superwash merino that looks like sock weight but knits up to a much thicker fabric. It makes a nice knit fabric on 2.75mm needles but will make a thicker slipper type sock on my nice little 2.25mm needles.

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Louisa said...

In our family we call that feeling the Whimwams! It happens occasionally - not necessarily in late winter. Though that makes a lot of sense when you've endured way too much dark and rainy weather! The trick is to indulge the old Whimwams a little and then kick its butt and get on with life. That way you've acknowledged its needs but don't let it come live with you permanently. Hope you feel more like yourself again soon!