Thursday, April 04, 2013

Once Again, I have a Blog

This is the fourth entry I've tried to write in the last week. The Blog, for some reason unknown to everyone, decided it would no longer let me post. I gave it one last chance today after uploading some software to replace my old Browser & BINGO, everything is working again! Yes Dotti, much as I hate to say it, You were Right.

This blog was originally about my crazy sock knitting adventures. And then along came the BoyToy who took up a lot of space. I still knit a lot of socks but my personal basket is overflowing, the BoyToy & his parents - who used to suck up a dozen pairs a year by themselves, are gone & all I can do is knit for charity. Sheesh!! I could spend my time back on the spinning wheel - I've been collecting a mountain of painted rovings, two full fleeces - one light grey, one white, six pounds of Coopworth batts, three partial Shetland fleeces - almost black, an apple box of dirty alpaca & a whole pile of silk hankies. Oh yeah - there's also the remainder - several pounds - of the Brown Sheep Mill Ends I imported years ago to share with my buddy, Gail. Or, I could take up sweater knitting - I'm NOT into those sissy shawls that some of you knit - and I won't go into all the damned yarn I have. But, I may be switching from mainly socks to mainly something else .  .  .  .  I could start working on that Needle Felted Coffin I was mentioning to a friend or two.  And they say you can't take it with you!!

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Louisa said...

Glad to see you back, hon'!