Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a Beat Up Sailor

The Allergy Attack is mostly over for the time being. One of my friends has been bragging about his new Dyson Animal which apparently scoops up allergins without blowing them into the air behind it. His new Dyson means I can get rid of the dust in my place without putting myself into the hospital on lung-support the next time I decide to clean. Yeah, right. But, I'm willing to wear a mask & give it a try. You never know.  There might still be miracles in this world. Occasionally I still cough up part of a lung & I still can't lay down to sleep but I'm feeling a whole lot better. I'm only taking Benadryl before bed so I can sleep without hacking.

With all this allergy stuff going on, I haven't been willing to spin or knit indoors at all. Next week I see the Specialist about my voice & would like to do so in as near a 'normal' manner as possible without complicating things by not being able to breathe. The allergy attack also took away most of the voice I had left. Not Good. 

So, nothing to show, nothing completed but feeling close to normal for a change. The heat is really bad in my basement today. It's still 33 in my office as I'm typing @ 1:15AM. Thank Gawd for that Oscillating fan in the bedroom which makes it comfy. I must say though, it might be hot but nothing hurts except my lungs .  .  .  my wrist, hip & knee love this weather & so do the hands!!!  Good reason to get back to knitting ASAP. I did buy all those balls of Ladyslipper acrylic yarn from KnitPicks that I intend to use as an office sweater to keep the chill off this Fall.

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Louisa said...

Glad you're feeling somewhat better! The heat has been awful though I'm trying not to complain about it. We don't usually see enough sunshine around here! However I spend half my life these days watering my garden. And getting mosquito-bitten. We don't have many but they all seem to find me!