Monday, October 27, 2014

Better Than Snow

Rain, rain, go away!! Since we had such a long, dry summer, the recent constant rain has been particularly dreary. It's so grey & gloomy out there that my dark-activated porch light stays on all day. I have to wear a sweater all day again to stay warm too. And one of these days, I suppose I should take pity on the house plants & bring them inside for the winter once more. What does one do to fight the gloom??? Bring out the neon fibre, that's what!!

I was gifted with three garbage bags full of fibre a couple of weeks ago. Two of the bags are full of roving & one of them is bright red. 
Now, my favorite colors have always been any shade of pink or purple & bright cherry red. When I was young, I wore a lot of red & black. I had this great red mini dress & 3" red platform shoes that I wore as my dancing 'uniform' back in the early 70s .  .  .  .  if only that dress could talk!
But, like I said, I have a whole garbage bag full of red roving. I have tons of yarn & three sweaters on the needles but I keep looking at that red roving. What to do oh what to do?? 
Maybe open bag number two?? Grey roving in that one. Apparently it's wool & alpaca. A nice warm mix to spin into yarn for a nice warm sweater. Might work as a sport weight to knit into a simple Kimono style sweater or lacy cardigan. Or does it want to be a worsted weight yarn to be knitted into into a 'hoodie' ?

Meanwhile, back on the needles - my lovely Kroy socks are on hold for the moment. Seems a dirty wool muncher chewed it's way through several strands of yarn on the outside of the ball. Since I seldom use the whole ball & start from the centre, I thought I could still get a whole sock out of it. Nope. Not this one. The muncher chewed on one end of the ball leaving me two foot sections for about a quarter of the ball. Sigh. Unless I find another ball, these socks will be mighty interesting. The photo is as far as I got when I ran into the munched yarn. I just love this color way & I'm hoping like crazy to find another ball. If not, well, I have a couple of balls of 4ply in an other color that could be used to finish the socks.

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Louisa said...

Ugh. Doncha just hate finding your yarn in short pieces? I have a lovely cone of violet weaving yarn that got munched like that. I haven't thrown it out yet hoping that I can find enough in the centre to use as weft in something. Perps are probably carpet beetles - they like to dig in more than m*ths. Grumble. And I check the stashes often too!