Wednesday, July 27, 2016

And I Thought it was Hot Before

This time of year I have to think back to winter when it was too cold to do data entry in my home office. And I have to remember really, really often because my home office is now the hottest room in my basement. I have all the blinds down, the windows open as far as I can - they only open skinny cat size in order to keep the skunks & raccoons out - but, like most apartments, there's no cross breeze since all the windows are on the same side. And I face West. So, in the late afternoon, the sun bakes my patio & windows. I don't suffer at night because I have an oscillating 4' high fan in my bedroom blowing on the bed - sigh. It's where I also nap when it's the hottest time of day.

I'm not complaining much, I do my running around in the mornings before it gets too hot & I sit outside in the cool mornings & evenings with my door wide open. Lately, I've been hosing down the patio when I water the Jungle & sit outside & knit afterwards. I'm trying to enjoy being retired, well, semi-retired. I have a couple of little jobs & two more I'm considering. Enough to pay for the car, some extras & pay off the credit card. Hahahah Gotta pay for those late night shopping sprees!!

The latest Pink Frankensocks have been delivered to the cook. I tried out the spiral stripe method illustrated in a Cabin Fever newsletter on one of the toes to stretch the pink a little farther - I like it!!
He's probably wearing them as I type unless his girlfriend swiped them. I did make them a little bigger so she'd be less likely to but it depends on how well he hid them when he took them home.

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