Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer in the Basement

It's summertime & the damn living is supposed to be easy. Especially when you retire. Sun, sand if you really want it, shade if you don't, iced coffee, Passion lemonade, salads galore, summer murder mysteries & all the knitting you can stand. Right??  Well, it ain't. And I'm not.

I struggled for almost three years to make enough money to live on after I injured myself & my school closed, only to find my little business taking off right around the time my pension started. I even qualified for a non-taxable Supplement because my income was so low when I applied. I could be sitting on the beach doing nothing except frying naked white skin & drinking iced coffee. And what am I doing??? Sitting in the Office doing paperwork with a mug of hot tea. That's the problem with the Paperwork business, it takes time to build one & when it produces, well, it really produces!! But, enough of that.

Haven't been knitting much except Frankensocks for the last couple of months & the
old scrap bag is decreasing quickly. It's amazing how many leftovers I accumulated over the years!! Although I've still got a full box the size of two Japanese orange boxes, I've made 7 pairs of scrappy socks in the last three months - mostly in pinks & purples - & decreased my scrap load. I have a large, garter stitch blanket on the go from another big bag of mostly tan, ecru, ombre, beige & other muddy brown yarn that will go to a new home when it's done. A couple of other projects are in the planning stage & I have even bought the yarn for them. I definitely have to stop taking new jobs & knit more BUT apparently it's very hard to find someone to do multiple back years income taxes & like a broke streetwalker, I just can't say NO.

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