Thursday, October 19, 2017

This One's for You, Lynne

 Last night the Wednesday Nite Nitting gals met in a new spot once again in the Clayton(188 & Fraser Hwy)Tim Hortons. We should be known as the Traveling Knitters since we move every once in a while when things get too crowded, hours of operation change or owners change - I think we've moved 7 times in the last 20 years!! And every once in a while, we get old members or out-of-towners dropping by to knit & chat. Sometimes, we get REAL Oldies like Lynne, from the back of beyond, who we normally see only at fibery events!! First thing she says is - "update your damn blog!" Yessim, I can do that. So here's yer damn update, Lynn.

I know, I know. I haven't said anything since August!! Well, dammit, I was suffering from FLC & had nothing to say. And what's FLC, you ask??? Feeling Like Crap. Everything aches, you're stiff & sore, brain is fuzzy, the old gut rumbles & talks back, can't read, can't knit, can't spin, don't want to talk to anyone so you go back to bed instead. Not sure what it is or where it came from but some guy on Public TV claims he has the diet to cure it in 21 days!! Yeah. Sure. Time to get over it!!!

So what did I do on MY Summer Holidays???

Why, nothing, dammit. Nada. I'm so bloody dull!! Can we count the times I ran the Ex to the eye specialists??? How 'bout Little Ron's trip to the ER??? Didn't even drive to Hope & dip my gold pan in the river this year. And I doubt I've been more than 30 miles away from home either.

I had so many plans for Retirement. I was going to sleep in, stay up late, drink more wine, take classes & spend more time sitting on the patio spinning. And what have I done??  I took on three new bookkeeping customers & worked all summer. That's what.

Oh, I did knit a bit - finished three more pairs of socks, just about ready to do the toe decreases on another pair & put another few inches on the blanket/shawl I've been working on for my niece. I also dug out the 5, yes FIVE, sweaters I have started for myself & contemplated finishing ONE for this winter ASAP. I'll post pictures when the sky clears & you can actually SEE the colors.

Then I blew up my computer & got a new one built while we cleaned out a whole lot of garbage from my office. I think I had 5 boxes of extra electronic parts & two old computers in there as well as two boxes of records from a client who died 10 years ago. My new computer has a solid state main drive - NO MOVING PARTS!! It's so quiet I have to check to see if it's still ON. I have 4 TERRABYTES of storage space for new Audio Books! I figure if I'm gonna keep on working in my office I might as well have good tools.


Louisa said...

So much for retirement, huh? You sound just busy and productive enough though so you don’t get bored. Seems like it works for you!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I'm a little disgusted by it all because I did have plans & I barely went onto the patio!!! But, I'm trying to pay off the last credit card that supported me when I had no money at all, so I should shut up & get on with it. LOL