Thursday, October 16, 2008

All men are snakessssssssss . . . .

I'm actually still talking to the BT although I've considered trading him in on a newer model! Well, any model for that fact. He can't understand why MY stomach churns & I'm all stressed out - after all, HE's the one with the injury!! He's the one who has to stay in hospital . . . And who's the one who didn't look after himself??? Hmmm?? Why are sick men like poisonous snakes???? GRRRRRRR

I did stop by for all of 40 minutes
- Apparently the Physio - heh, she's a member of my Spinning & Weaving Guild - works him like a Rented Mule for two hours every day with no nonsense. By the time she gets done, he's done for the day & has to sleep! He says learning how to walk again is the hardest work he's ever done & he's just too tired to hang out in the coffee shop much!! Apparently the rehab ward is terrific, the staff are wonderful - if you have to be in the hospital, this is the ward you want!!! He's taking advantage of everything he can do & work with. And he's much happier. I guess the secret to make a man better is to keep him busy even when he's sick. I swear my stomach got better just listening!

I treated myself to dinner & then headed over to my favorite LYS, Knitopia. I was going to give a fellow knitter a lesson in turning a heel a la Queen Kahuna & turn in my first "Boomer" sweater. I had lots of fun knitting this wild little thing. I just cast on about 94 stitches & went to town! I split the stitches at the armhole & knit the front & back separtely with a three stitch garter band on either side of each to make picking up sleeve stitches easier. I was going to put buttons on the shoulders but if a kid loses one or two, they may be hard to find.

I looked through a ton of yarn but couldn't find the color I needed to finish the fronts of my Tomten sweater. DAMN. Well, there was nothing to do but frog the one partially knit front & knit them b
oth in another shade of something. The back can stay the way it is. I ended up knitting the narrow fronts in this grey & using a pink for the arms. I think it all goes together quite nicely, don't you???? The Tomten is a fun little sweater to knit & would make a great adult jacket. It does eat a lot of yarn though, so be prepared!! I think I like it's design more than the Baby Surprise Jacket - oh, stop yelling!! - I know the BSJ is a stash buster & a lot of fun to knit but this one's so simple. I'm thinking I'll make the next one a pullover with a split front! Maybe I'll even steal the pouch from the Wonderful Wallaby for the front . . . . . . I must say knitting kid's sweaters is a blast - nice change from all the socks I usually churn out.

And back to Arvik - my perpetually-in-progress handspun sweater was chosen by the cat as a daybed while I was gone all day yesterday. She pulled the sweater-in-progress half out of the plastic bag & rolled up in a ball with it . . . . . I'm thinkin' that this is a hint to finish it NOW & get it out of her way!!

The Girls are off
to the Fall Retreat, sigh . . . . with my cat
sitter in the hospital, I'm stuck at home this weekend. Maybe I'll just spin all day Sunday & think of them driving through all that rain in the Canyon. I have been spinning up the superwash sock yarn I bought at the Spring Retreat hosted by our local guild. I'm not sure it'll be socks but I'm sure getting fond of fingerless gloves . . . . I'll never be a shawl or scarf person either but leg warmers for work??? Maybe . .

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