Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One last whine . . . no, I don't serve cheese with that!

I finally quit feeling sorry for myself
, pulled in the old a**hole strings & got back to the grind. I picked up my friend Lucy yesterday morning bright & early - she had some moaning of her own to get done so we had a little teary session in memory of her dad who died two years ago this week. We sat outside in the sunshine, on the cement block behind Starbucks with a coffee, & talked of old times. We laughed till we cried over some of the shenanegans that used to go on at the grubby little shop by the
Patullo bridge where most business transactions were done in cash. We giggled over all of the dirty, grimy, sticky, nasty jobs we used to do for her dad for money. He once signed me up to release towed cars from the compound across the yard, if you can believe it!! I was the bookkeeper who also stripped cars & helped install windshields while she learned to scrape, label, paint, prime & cut up junk cars. We both ran for parts. Gawd, I miss you Jerry.

And then we drove down to visit the Nasty Man at the hospital. I know he was glad to see us but as is often the case these days, he was sour & mean. She offered to tip over the chair & suggested we leave him out behind the bushes. He'd fallen in the bathroom just before we arrived so that really put him in a mood! He's frustrated. He's not progressing as fast as he wants. He's tired of the Geriatric ward. And he just wants OUT. But, some progress to report - he's doing physio TWICE a day now - they ARE considering a walker for him & he's getting assessed on his personal care ability tomorrow. I think that man just needs someone a little younger to compete with. His current roomie, who is a lot younger, has given up & just won't try to do anything for himself! That depresses the BT more than anything.

Not much to report on the knitting, spinning or dyeing front. I've been too busy doing receipt sorting & data entry. There's nothing like a little emotional stress to raise the Blood Pressure & cause the old arthritis to flare up too. I'm back taking pills three times a day again & can't spin at all at the moment.
My Tomten sleeves are almost finished
- I have one to go, the closure to figure out & then onto the next one which will be a pullover Tomten!
I do prefer to START new projects than FINISH old ones . . . . .

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